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How to cure the pancreas?

January 12, 2015
How to cure the pancreas?

Treatment of the pancreas is based on a balanced diet and a gentle diet. Today, there are many traditional and popular ways to influence the health of the gland. Let's talk more about how to cure the pancreas. We will talk about popular treatment recipes and offer recommendations of specialists.

Traditional methods of treatment of the pancreas

In chronic pancreatitis, the following are effective remedies for traditional medicine:

  • A decoction of burdock. For its preparation you need 3 tbsp. spoon root pour 0.7 liters of water. The infusion should be kept for 4 hours and boiled for another 15 minutes over low heat. Drink it should be 4 times a day after meals.
  • Potato juice. Grated potatoes should be squeezed and drink its juice. It is necessary to consume liquid two hours before meals. Five minutes after eating potato juice, you should drink a glass of kefir.
  • Oat grains. One glass of grains is poured with a liter of boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes.The decoction should be infused in a thermos for 8-10 hours. Drink the infusion should be half a cup twice a day.

Traditional Pancreatic Treatments

The pancreas is difficult to treat with medication. To obtain a noticeable result, you should adjust the power system. All medicines should be prescribed by a doctor. At home with pancreatitis should drink only non-carbonated water or broth hips.

Often, in case of inflammation of the pancreas, glucose administration is prescribed. Food during the aggravation should be soft, not greasy, not spicy and not salty. Do not eat high fiber foods. It is necessary to abandon alcohol and cigarettes, as well as more time to spend in the fresh air.


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