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How to cure adenoids in a child?

A disease with inflammation in the nasopharynx, accompanied by an increase in the pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids), is often observed in children 3–10 years old. The causes of the disease can be different, and the adenoids can be treated both surgically and various folk remedies. From our article you will learn in more detail about how to cure adenoids in a child.

Surgical intervention

This treatment is very controversial, because with such an intervention, there may be negative consequences for the child. Of the relapses, we note the possibility of getting sick with bronchitis or even asthma, as well as the deterioration of the immune system in the nasopharynx. However, doctors usually decide for themselves what to treat adenoids in a child in each particular case, and the operation is applied mainly for the acute stages of the disease.

There are 3 methods for removing adenoids:

  • aspiration, when with the help of a special extract the inflamed tissue of the nasopharyngeal tonsil is removed.
  • endoscopic.It is performed under general anesthesia with constant visual inspection. Today it is the most common method of removing adenoids.
  • using an instrument called the shaver-microdebrider, which carefully removes tissue in parts.

We also advise you to read our article How to remove the adenoids, which describes in detail how the adenoids are removed surgically.

Treatment of folk remedies

At home, you can treat the child's adenoids and folk methods. For example, rinse the nose twice a day using a “pear”, alternately introducing the solution into each nasal passage.

The solution can be prepared in the following ways:

  • pour into the “pear” ordinary warm water (after boiling);
  • sea ​​water (made from 2 tsp sea salt (can be bought at the pharmacy), dissolved in a glass of warm water);
  • decoction of herbs (you can buy in the pharmacy St. John's wort, a string, or, for example, leaves of fireweed).

You can also accompany the washing of the nose with instillation of drops: 2-3 drops should be instilled into each nasal passage. The following means are used as drops:

  • aloe juice;
  • broth celandine (for small children);
  • decoction of eucalyptus;
  • decoction of oak bark.

All these tools can be purchased at the pharmacy, and aloe juice can be obtained from a home plant - surely you or your friends have this. When treating adenoids, we should not forget about drugs, such as immunostimulants, antibacterial drugs and vitamins. Combined therapy gives a good result.

We strengthen the children's body

To prevent the occurrence of adenoids should be hardening the child. For example, in the summer, walking barefoot on the grass in the mornings and evenings for 15 minutes is useful. In the city, you can also make useful walks barefoot, but only in a bath of water (which should be ankle-deep), and the water should be cool.

For a child, it will be enough to walk in such water for 5 minutes, and then trample down for 15 minutes on a soft rug until your feet dry. It is also useful to visit the pool, hold dousing in the bath. After such procedures, the body will get stronger, and you can forget about the adenoids in a child.


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