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How to cure a cold with folk remedies?

Andrey Kim
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How to cure a cold with folk remedies?

The nasal mucosa is the main filter of harmful environmental influences, and therefore, despite the fact that the runny nose itself can be considered a fairly harmless disease, complications from it can develop serious. This means that a runny nose should be treated. In this article we will talk about how to cure a cold with folk remedies.


Inhalation is the inhalation of special medicinal substances. Inhalations are actively used in the treatment of rhinitis. For the preparation of inhalation solution most often used pine buds, oregano, St. John's wort, eucalyptus leaves and essential oils. The solution can be prepared by yourself, and you can buy at the pharmacy.

How to use: 2 tablespoons of the solution for inhalation must be dissolved in a small saucepan with hot water and breathe over the steam until it ceases to form.


Pharmacies sell a lot of drops from a cold, but most of them are addictive and turn a cold into a chronic one. It is undesirable to use them, because effective drops can be made from absolutely natural ingredients. Excellent tool - fresh juice of beets. If it is not possible to make a juice, menthol oil or menthol and eucalyptus oils mixed in equal proportions can be used as drops.


You can also prepare a natural ointment for the treatment of rhinitis - cut onions into small pieces and place it in vegetable oil for a couple of hours, and then lubricate the area under the nose with tincture. Important! Onions are quite a strong remedy, and therefore it is not recommended to smear mucous membranes (nostrils) directly.

Warming up procedures

Warming up procedures - excellent therapy from a cold. Nose can be heated with salt, "roasted" in a hot frying pan. Salt must be put in the bag and applied alternately to the sinuses until the salt cools.

If you do not want to mess around with salt, a regular egg can help, since it retains heat for a long time after cooking.The egg can be wrapped in a regular kerchief and also rolled in the bosoms. When the egg is no longer very hot, the handkerchief can be removed.


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