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How to create your own business: autodesigned

You will need
  • - start-up capital.
  • - garage cooperative.
  • - list of development directions
In order to engage in the garage business, it is necessary to have at least some auto-real estate in the asset. Therefore, when starting from scratch, you will need start-up capital in the amount of the cost of one garage. Real estate, in any of its manifestations, is growing in price. Both residential and commercial, and auto-real estate becomes more expensive every year. Rent garages too. This can make good money and create an active-passive income.
And so, you decided to start a new business for yourself, where to start? Look for garage cooperative in your city with relatively low annual fees. This is very important, since it will be the main item of your expenses, except for investments in the purchase and repair of garages. In the average city there are several garage arrays. In each of the last at least 100 garages. In general, your task at this stage to become “your own” is to become a member of the garage cooperative.
List of directions for the development of your garage business:
1) Purchase and sale.
2) Rent garages.
3) Repair and construction.
4) Garage realtor.
You can choose one thing or combine it all together.
You can do it yourself, or find helpers. Optional.
Purchase and sale. We find no expensive garage. Usually these require repair. And already appreciating all the pros and cons, you either buy it or look for another. Sometimes there are good garages that do not require additional investments. And then you just put it up for sale. Sell ​​and get your profit.
Rent garages. If the costs of garage fees allow you to rent out your garage, you can create an excellent passive income. Sometimes the garage for many years gives additional income, pays for its value and brings already net profit. The profitability of renting is not high - 20-30% profit per year. But if you really have to choose between a bank deposit and auto-real estate, then it’s better to choose the latter.
Repair and construction. Some garages have to be repaired, others are completed. You will do something yourself, the employees do something, but the main thing is a useful experience in the construction of garages.And here you can organize an additional branch of your business. In the garage arrays of a large number of dilapidated buildings, whose owners are not averse to repairing them. Usually this:
1) The roof leaks.
2) Gates have settled, it is necessary to raise.
3) Make a gate at the gate.
4) put the lock inside.
5) Replace rotten floor.
6) Water in the caisson.
7) To make a viewing pit.
8) Walls build up.
9) Replace the gate.
Experience shows that for various reasons, owners cannot do it themselves. Either there is no time, the age is not the same, or they simply do not have the skill of a builder. Therefore, you hang an ad on the board in your garage cooperative, you advertise on the Internet. And doing your own thing, along the way, repair garages for your neighbors in an array.
Garage realtor. This direction brings a small one-time income and is usually random. If you know a person who wants to sell a garage, then you can reduce it to someone who wants to buy. And get your commission. And if you are looking for inexpensive garages for yourself, you will have a whole database of vendors. Keep records, record all the phone numbers of owners, numbers of garages.You can even take a photo of the front of the garage and make a kind of filing cabinet. In some cases, it is very useful and convenient.
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You can do this business at any age.
Helpful advice
It is much more interesting to rent them. But if it happens to sell, then sell it without thinking. And make a profit in the amount of annual rent. Further, within a month, find a new garage and repeat everything. Priority direction is free for everyone to choose. If you get down to business seriously, you get a very decent income with a free work schedule.

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