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How to create bouquets

Today, floristry is not just the ability to make bouquets beautifully, but a whole science and art. Consumers no longer want to see in their hands a few flowers tied with a ribbon, they like the unusual and bright design. In principle, anyone can learn the rules of floristics, all that is needed is a sense of taste, a little time and desire. But if you do not have time, you can order bouquets for the new year or beautiful bouquets for February 14th. Company Bouquet Boutique will delight you with amazing bouquets and services, one of which is delivery of bouquets in Moscow and Moscow Region.

The first thing that draws attention to the client when choosing colors, their harmony and compatibility with each other. A good selection of shades and varieties allows you to create truly masterpieces of even the simplest plants. Do not try to shove everything in one bouquet. Two or three colors are enough.

Bouquets can be divided into several categories:

- for the wedding, for the mourning events - as a gift to the beloved woman for the man for the colleague

Bouquets can also be divided according to the form of execution: volumetric, linear, mixed types. Before you start arranging flowers, you should consider the basic concept. 1. Decide on the prevailing color. You can make a bouquet of white, red, yellow roses only, and you can take as a basis a lot of white chrysanthemums, adding a few blue ones to them. , tapes, pins, wire. All these items should be used so that they are not noticeable. A beautiful package complements the bouquet. 3. Be sure to consider the compatibility of flowers and their location. For example, roses and chrysanthemums in one bouquet will not look very good. In general, roses are noble flowers and they are best used separately. 4. Consider who the bouquet is for and when.

• For a girlfriend, it can be delicate scarlet or pink roses, bright gerberas, noble orchids. • Mom can give roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas of the same tone, lilies, dahlias, carnations.The predominant colors are white, light yellow, lilac. • An aged woman will appreciate gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations and, of course, roses. • A large bouquet will suit the bouquet in a basket. • • It’s better to choose small bouquets. The prevailing colors: white, as a symbol of purity and innocence, and red, as a symbol of love. • For mourning events make up a bouquet of an even number of colors. You can use lilies, red or white carnations, chrysanthemums, red roses. • Children will enjoy small bright bouquets of small flowers of lilac, blue, red and yellow hues. • • Men are presented with tall and strict flowers, arranged in bouquets of linear forms: gladioli, lilies.

A special mood is given to the flowers by the grass, it makes the bouquet more lush and finished. Lovers can add hearts, small toys or cards. Do not try to adhere to symmetry, it imparts artificiality, it is better to arrange flowers chaotically, but in strict accordance with the idea. Hold the bouquet only in a good mood, and then you will get an interesting composition that will please not only you, but also the person to whom it is intended.


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