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How to create an electronic database in 2018

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - Access program.
Use Microsoft Access to create a database. One of the ways you can dothe baseData - this is the master database. It offers pre-made templates and a limited set of parameters to customize.the base.
Run the Microsoft Access application to createthe basedata. Click on the "Create" button on the toolbar. Then from the “Create File” group select “Templates” - “On My Computer”. From the list of templates in the "Databases" tab, select the appropriate one, click "OK". In the window that appears, enter the file name and specify the storage location, click "OK". Then, following the instructions of the wizard, create tables and select the required fields for them.
Createthe basedata "from scratch" - to do this, click on the "Create" button, select "New Access Database" in the "New Database File" window that appears, enter a name, specify the storage location and click the "Create" button. Next, go to the tab "Tables".The table is the main element of the database in which the main information is stored.
Click "Create", select "In Design Mode". Enter the field names (columns) in the window, select the field type from the list depending on the purpose of a field (textual, numeric). Select and set a key field. Save the table.
Create in the same way the required number of database tables, fill them with data - to do this, open the table in view mode. Create links between tables. To do this, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Data Scheme". In the window that opens add all the tables.
Place two linked tables side by side, drag the key field of one table to the corresponding field of the other. Similarly, link all existing tables. This will simplify the subsequent work with the database and create additional elements in it (requests, reports, forms).

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