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How to create an e-book?

There is nothing difficult in creating an e-book, but at the same time, there are difficulties. First of all, they occur in newbies, that is, in people who have only learned how to create an e-book and are trying for the first time in their life to write not a note or a small text, but a whole book. It must be said that in recent times the creation of electronic books has gained great popularity because the number of users interested in reading such material has increased. The reader chooses e-books because they are compact and can be offered on specialized sites for free. But still, most experienced authors prefer to earn money by creating e-books.

Theme selection

The e-book can be started to create only when you decide on the topic and volume of the e-book. To create an e-book you do not need to go somewhere, and your personal computer will be the only assistant.Choosing a topic, you need to decide which material from which industry you own the most, what knowledge you have, which may be useful to other people. Today, many people create books of a technical nature, books on the subject of historical facts. It would be nice to create a book consisting of answers to the most pressing questions for Internet users. You can choose to create an e-book and a topic such as building, repair, finishing, advice to motorists or to highlight the issue of e-commerce.

Creating an e-book

Once you have decided on the choice of topics, you need to start writing material for the book. To do this, you should browse hundreds of blogs and news sites, many sources on your topic in order to most effectively reveal the topic. In your computer, create a separate folder where you will place materials for a future eBook. Along the way, develop a plan for your book, because it must be logically structured, all the material is presented consistently and at the same time, understandable to a potential reader. Remember, the more audience you cover your book, the more money you earn on it.

Type texts in Microsoft Word, using the material found. But do not forget that you should read the typed text more than once before the reader sees it. Reading the text by the author allows making it more beautiful and correct, in accordance with the rules of the Russian language. In no case, do not make mistakes and typos in your e-book.


Before you make an e-book, you must choose the format in which your book will be offered to the reader. This can be an exe format or a pdf format. Some programs will help you to convert your Word files into a new format. But it is more acceptable for a PDF reader, which is supported by many portable devices for reading electronic books.

There are several programs for creating electronic books, for example, Natata eBook Compiler Gold, ActiveBook or Sbookbuilder10. After completing the work on converting files, see if you did everything right, whether you used pictures and diagrams in your e-book, other types of content that may be of interest to the reader even more than text. Before you make an e-book complete and attractive to the reader, think about creating a 3D cover for it.Despite the fact that your book will be sold in electronic form, the reader likes an aesthetically beautiful book, and not just a hundred pages of text. To create a 3D cover, you can use the same Photoshop or other software.


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