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How to create a page in Odnoklassniki?

To start communicating with your friends and relatives via the Odnoklassniki social network, you need to create a page in it. It will need to place a number of data about yourself, as well as add personal photos.

The process of creating a page in Odnoklassniki

To create your own page in Odnoklassniki, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the main page of this social network. To do this, follow this link:.
  2. Now you need to register - click on the "Register" button, as a result you will be redirected to another page, where you will need to fill in the fields: name, gender, date of birth, country and city of residence, password (must contain letters and numbers) and login ( indicated in English). After filling in all the necessary information, click on the "Register" button.
  3. You will be taken to your Odnoklassniki page. It must be activated, it is done by entering the number of your mobile phone.To do this, click at the top of the page on the "Free profile activation" alert. Then you will be taken to another page where you will need to enter a phone number in the following format: (operator code) number. No country code is required. If you are not a resident of Russia, you will need to click on the nearby “Change” button and select your country of residence, and then click on the “Send” option. You will receive a message on your phone, it will contain an activation code. It is entered in the appropriate field on the page where you entered your number, and then you just have to click on "Activate".
  4. The next thing you need to do is upload a photo. But use only your own, because if you choose a star picture or just a picture, it will not pass moderation. Click on the “Add photo” button, then point the path to it on your PC and click on the “Open” option, after which the picture will automatically be uploaded to your page.
  5. Specify information about education. To do this, click on the link at the top right, called “Tell me where you studied.”Next, select the desired country and city, school and university from the drop-down list, specify the year of commencement and completion of studies, and then click on the "Join" button. After that you will see a list of those who graduated from your chosen educational institutions during the specified time interval, as a result, it will be easy to find your classmates and classmates.
  6. The last thing you need to do is confirm your email. On the main page, click on the link on the right “Specify e-mail”, in the window that opens, enter the name of your mailbox and click on “Save”. Then go to your e-mail, open the letter from the social network Odnoklassniki and follow the link indicated in it to activate.

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