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How to create a fake?

August 27, 2014
How to create a fake?

Sometimes users of the social network need to create another account for certain actions, such as selling goods and services or communicating online incognito. However, network rules do not allow this. For example, "Vkontakte" is guided by the principle of "One account per person." However, this rule can be circumvented. You can read below on how to create a fake page on the example of the Vkontakte network.

What is fake

Fake is a page on a social network that has invented data of a non-existent person. More details about fakes can be found in our article Who are fakes.

How to create a fake Vkontakte

To create a fake VK, you must do the following:

  • We leave from our page in Vkontakte and press the button "Registration". In the new window, enter the name you have invented. All other data can be skipped and returned to them after creating the page.
  • Skipping all the data, we get to the phone number confirmation window. All VK pages are registered via phone number and confirming SMS.You can, of course, take the phone of parents, acquaintances, friends, or buy a new SIM card to activate, but it will take time to persuade or purchase. It is always possible to use a special confirmation service using a virtual SIM card. For example, it provides such an opportunity for 12 rubles. It is inexpensive, fast and simple.

After activation, you will receive a new fake account "Vkontakte". To prevent it from being blocked, you should fill in the account details more believably.


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