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How to cook rice for rolls?

Sometimes you want to cook some unusual and tasty dish at home! But usually for such a thing you need to properly prepare: to choose the right products, carefully study the recipe (especially when you are cooking something complicated and the first time) and to prepare the dish correctly. Here, for example, at home you can cook mouth-watering rolls.

Rolls are a traditional Japanese snack wrapped in seaweed. The main ingredient of this dish is rice. But not every housewife who wants to cook rolls knows how to cook rice for rolls. After all, rice is not an easy product, and you need to choose it correctly, and prepare it with all its features. There are many recipes for cooking rice, but from this article you will learn the main secrets of how to cook rice for rolls, and how this process differs from how to cook rice for sushi. When you master the main recipe for cooking rice, in the future you will be able to diversify it with the help of your additives, making rice, undoubtedly, even tastier.But for a start we will define the basis.

Basic recipe

It is important to choose the right pic. For the preparation of rolls, it is best to choose Japanese rice, since it is he who has good stickiness. It is also not forbidden to choose round grain rice, which can be found in any department store. It is not at all worth taking steamed cereals: it is hard to boil soft.

Next, the rice must be prepared for cooking. Rinse it thoroughly several times in cold water. Then you need to leave the rice on the sieve for about an hour. After this time, transfer the rice to a deep pan and fill it with cold water, which should not be very much (1/5 more than rice). It is also advised not to fill the pot with plenty of water.

Actually, cooking rice itself. The rice is cooked in a saucepan with the lid closed on medium heat. The rice should be boiled (the approximate time to be spent is 5 minutes). After that, you should start cooking the rice on low heat for 10-13 minutes. It must absorb all the remaining water. Next, the stove must be turned off, and the rice left for another 10-15 minutes in a saucepan with the lid closed.

So that rice does not seem bland and "empty", there are special additives to improve its taste. This is salt, sugar, wine vinegar.Choose them based on your personal preferences, but do not get carried away with large portions of salt and sugar. Everything must be balanced. You can fill the rice with a special sauce - it is prepared from adjimoto, apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar.

Mix rice with filling

But that's not all. In order to get delicious rolls, rice must be properly mixed with the filling. We need a bamboo net. We put the nori on it (the Japanese name for edible types of algae), put rice on top of them. It must be well spread on the nori and smeared with a small amount of wasabi on top. Remember that wasabi - seasoning is quite sharp, so do not abuse it. After that, you should lay out the stuffing. It is also chosen to taste. It may be

  • Boiled or raw fish
  • Seafood
  • Caviar
  • Mushrooms

After that we twist everything into a tight tube. From the first time it may not quite turn out, but this is not a reason for frustration! Just a few workouts, and you will learn how to do it at the highest level. The tubule is cut into several small neat rolls (they are called rolls), and the dish is ready! Rolls can pleasantly pamper yourself and friends in a friendly company, surprise them with your household, and make a surprise for your loved one.In any case, this dish will be delicious. If there is not enough reading for you, you can refer to the video lessons on cooking rolls or attend special courses where a professional will teach you the true art of making this delicious Japanese snack. Bon Appetit!


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