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How to cook horseradish?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
July 26, 2012
How to cook horseradish?

Horseradish root contains a lot of beneficial trace elements, and is also rich in all sorts of vitamins. In this article you will learn how to cook horseradish to the table as a spicy seasoning for a wide variety of dishes.

Horseradish is prepared in small quantities, for one or two days, since during storage it loses its taste properties rather quickly. To prepare a good horseradish seasoning, you need a quality source product. To do this, take the rhizomes no less than a finger in thickness, strong and without infected areas. Fresh roots of horseradish must be juicy, otherwise the finished seasoning will not have decent taste.

Before you cook horseradish at home, it is cleaned with a knife. It is not necessary to wash the roots under running water, just rinse them slightly after cleaning. Now prepare the dishes in which horseradish will be stored. This should be a glass or other, odor-free container with an airtight lid. Pour some boiled water to the bottom.Next, arm yourself with a fine float and start rubbing the roots. In small portions, put them in a jar and be sure to close it tightly so that the horse-radish does not have time to faint.

Now, when all the necessary mass is rubbed, it is necessary to add more boiled water in order for the mass to acquire a thick viscous consistency, but at the same time it will not become too liquid and watery. Add salt and sugar to your taste. You can add a little grated lemon peel and juice to the seasoning, this will add some piquancy to the taste. But this advice is an amateur.

Ready seasoning can be served as unchanged or diluted. For example, horseradish diluted in the same proportions with sour cream is very good for meat dishes. This interpretation is called "Russian table horseradish." Very interesting is changing its taste horseradish, diluted with mayonnaise in proportions of 1: 2.

You should not put vinegar into the seasoning with horseradish - it makes the taste very sharp and coarse. Applying vinegar is possible if the seasoning has stood for several days and is a little exhausted. Although it does not fully return the taste of horseradish.


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