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How to cook an omelet with vegetables and ham in the oven


Ingredients needed to cook an omelet in the oven:

- 8 eggs;

- 100-120 ml of milk;

- 180-200 gr ham / sausage;

- 1/2 red and green / yellow bell pepper;

- 200 grams of cheese (better cheddar);

- 1/2 onions;

- 1 table each. spoon of butter and vegetable oil;

- salt pepper.

Cooking an omelet in the oven in the oven

1. We clean onions, and we wash away washed seeds from seeds and lintels.

2. Cut the prepared vegetables into small cubes.

3. Heat the pan, putting butter and vegetable oil in it.

4. Pour the peppers and onions in a frying pan, fry over medium heat.

5. Thinly cut the ham and also put fry in the pan, stirring. Fry everything for about 4-5 minutes.

6. Eggs, milk with salt and pepper, beat well, add grated cheddar and cooled vegetables, mix.

7. Lubricate an appropriately sized form and pour the prepared egg mass into it.

8.We bake an omelet at 210 degrees for about a quarter of an hour, maybe a little longer.

9. When the omelette is ready, you need to give it a little cool, and then cut into portions.


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