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How to connect the soundbar?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 22, 2014
How to connect the soundbar?

Soundbar - sound projector, which has a high quality sound. This device can be used instead of a speaker system with multiple speakers. The soundbar saves space, as it is a monoblock panel. In addition, in addition you can purchase a small subwoofer.

Soundbar connection for audio output

If you do not know how to connect a soundbar, then you need to choose one of the methods described below. Connection occurs by:

  • HDMI cable. If your device is equipped with an HDMI cable, then connect the soundbar to the TV is not difficult. On the TV, select HDMI OUT, and on the projector - HDMI IN.
  • optical cable. To connect in this way it is necessary to equip the Toslink TV (digital optical interface);
  • 3.5 Jack cable (in other words, headphone output). The projector should have a black socket for the cable of the right size;
  • "Tulip" (cable with 2 RCA). This option is suitable if the only input on the TV is a “tulip”.

It should be noted that the last two methods do not give out multi-channel sound, but its stereo analogue.

Soundbar connection for video output

If your projector is equipped with video broadcasting (DVD player or Blu Ray), then you can display video on the screen from it. The picture on the TV screen will appear if you connect the HDMI cable as follows: TV - HDMI IN, and on the projector - HDMI OUT. Next on the TV you need to select the appropriate HDMI port.


If you purchase a soundbar separately from the TV, then first you need to find out what connection options your television supports, and then purchase a projector.


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