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How to connect the receiver?

Arslan Avanesov
Arslan Avanesov
January 17, 2013
How to connect the receiver?

For the most part, all modern receivers have several different types of audio or video outputs, and in order to answer the question of how to connect a satellite receiver, we will analyze each of them, starting from the worst for the better.

How to connect the receiver: analog high-frequency type

This type refers to the high-frequency, analogue audio-video output and is the worst option to connect in terms of picture and image quality. To connect, you need a normal antenna cable, which is connected as a normal antenna to the TV with one plug and the second to the receiver. After you need to turn on auto search channels on your TV in order to find the channel on which the receiver itself transmits the image and sound.

How to connect the receiver: analog low-frequency types

  • The SCART connector also applies to the analog, but already low-frequency method of transmitting audio-video data. The display quality is slightly better compared to the previous version.To connect, you need a SCART-SCART cable, which is connected to the corresponding connectors in the receiver and the TV, after that the appropriate input is selected on the TV.
  • RCA-type, which is called a tulip or bell. It is also an analog low-frequency output and the most common and simplest type of connection. Tulips of three colors: yellow - image, white - the left audio channel, red - the right audio channel. Each tulip is connected to the input of the TV with the same color, after which the required input is selected on the TV.
  • YPbPr. This analogue low-frequency output gives higher quality image and sound than the previous one. The same tulips are used for the connection, they are connected in the same way, only the connectors should be marked as “component videoout” after connecting, select the required input.

How to connect the receiver to the TV: other outputs

  • S-video. Component video output. The quality is similar to YPbPr. When connecting, you will need an S-Video-S-Video cable. After connecting, select the required input.
  • SPDIF. Digital audio output. Used for full-fledged transmission of DolbyDigital sound to external acoustics or home theater.An optical SPDIF cable is required for connection.
  • HDMI A cable that transfers digital audio and video content that has the highest quality scores at the moment. When connecting, a cable of the HDMI-HDMI type is used, after which the necessary input is also indicated in the settings.

So we figured out how to connect a satellite receiver. These tips are suitable for those who do not know how to connect a second receiver. Connection schemes in this case remain the same, and you only need to buy a special converter with several outputs. After connecting the converter, both your receivers will work from one antenna completely independently.


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