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How to connect a joystick to a computer?

Igor Gorbatyuk
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How to connect a joystick to a computer?

Almost every one of us likes to play on the computer. Someone is limited to "Minesweeper", and someone not only installs new, modern games on their PCs, but also connects special manipulators to make it easier to play. We will tell you how to connect a joystick to a computer today.

  1. First, connect the joystick and install the drivers for it, which should be included, on a separate disk. If there is no driver for some reason, then just try to find it on the Internet, having learned in advance the exact model of your joystick;
  2. If you inserted the joystick in the right slot, but nothing happened, do the following: open "Start", then "Control Panel" and "Gaming devices". There you should see your joystick and its positive status - "Ok." If the status is not okay, then go to "Properties" and select the "Check" tab. In case the joystick is working, after checking it should vibrate or give a signal in some other way;
  3. If the status of the joystick "Not connected" - make sure that it is still connected in a single copy, be sure to check the correctness of the Game-port. To do this, go to "Start", "Control Panel", then "System" and call the "Device Manager". Open in it "Gaming devices" and find the "Joystick for Game-port". If such a connection is displayed in the list, then the port is working. If not, then it makes sense to contact the store where you bought the computer. It is possible that such a port is simply non-working. In the case of joysticks that connect to the USB port, the situation is the same.
  4. Check whether the game is supported by the joystick control. To do this, insert the joystick in the right slot, if it is not already done, and enter the game. Go to the "Settings" of the game, and then in the "Management". Look for the line there, putting a check mark in front of it, you could use the joystick. It is worth saying that not all games support this option. However, now there are programs that allow you to control the joystick in almost any game. For example, "Xpadder" is a special program for simulating keyboard presses and mouse movements using your joystick. This program will allow you to use the joystick to control any game on the computer.Whether it is an ordinary, emulated or even Flash game. In addition, it is possible to assign control to any other application of your operating system (for example, multimedia player, Internet browser, email program, etc.).

Now you know how to connect a joystick to a computer. We hope that no problems with this will arise.


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