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How to confess and take communion?

Leonid Veselov
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How to confess and take communion?

Various religious rites require strict adherence to the traditions of their performance. Let's talk a little about confession and the sacrament. How to confess and take the sacrament, what to do, what is necessary for these rites.

How to confess

It takes a long time to learn to confess correctly. This requires any moral work. In modern Orthodoxy, it is affirmed that as the ability to confess increases, so does the demand of God for the subject of confession. The correct confession is a full disclosure and a special state of mind in which a person is, in general, capable of the complete disclosure of himself and his life. One must also experience a strong hatred of sin and no less a desire to no longer act in such a sinful way. Many clergymen say that it is necessary to live by repentance, since the life around is saturated with sin.Based on this, a person who wants to live in a world free from sin should not be limited to temporary repentance.

How to take communion

You should not take communion twice on the same day. This is not allowed to anyone. Neither the priest nor the layman. Deacons do not have the right to communion of believers. Everything related to the sacrament is subject to very strict rules, non-observance of which will entail a week-long boycott by the church and priests. Also, the sacrament contains a set of strict rules for the performance of the ceremony for children, especially for infants. Information about the sacrament and the rules for the implementation of this rite can be found in literary sources or in a nearby church from a priest.

Religion gives man faith. Often, the facts postulated by the church are not confirmed by anything other than the scriptures and sources. To believe in it or not to believe is a personal matter. Religion gives the meaning of life, but selects the right to choose.


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