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How to combine colors: 18 bold and stylish images

It is very easy to create a harmonious image if you know the basic rules of the combination of colors. And do not be afraid to experiment!

According to the designers, this winter season should be carried out brightly and effectively! No black and brown - at the peak of fashion saturated and deep shades, from one glance at which the mood rises. Want to look stylish and not be afraid to be in the eyes of others around the parrot? Then learn a few simple rules for combining this season's trendy colors.

Red.Stylists and designers especially loved red. Without it, not a single show fall-winter 2017/18. The most courageous version of the combination is the total look. Shades of red can coincide completely in one bow, but in this case try to play on the contrast of textures and fabrics. Wear loose-knit sweaters with smooth leather accessories and fluffy mohair with gloves and thick wool hats. If the scarlet total look seems too bold, try to inject a red dot. Scarlet handbag, gloves or headgear are perfect for a gray or black coat.

Lilac.This season lilac is one of the key colors. But in his image should not be too much. We advise you to limit yourself to one item of clothing - a spectacular fur coat, a large bag, a dress or a shirt. Lilac and violet perfectly harmonize with neutral colors: black, marsh, dark blue.

Pink.Bright pink, like red, as if created for a spectacular total look! But again, this is not an option for every day: you will not definitely come to the office in the fuchsia color kit. True, this does not mean that pink can not be called functional. Accessories in this shade look just magical: they can be added to any set in casual style to give bohemian and glamor to the image. Ideal pair shades: beige, navy, red, gray, blue.


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