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How to comb wet hair after a bath

Is it possible to comb wet hair

After shampooing hair for a certain time remain wet. Experts do not recommend combing them in this state, as well as drying them with a hair dryer. This is due to the fact that wet hair is easily injured, broken. They are very hygroscopic, so immediately after washing they become heavy, as a result of which they are very easily pulled out and broken off, especially since steamed skin makes this process easier.
If possible, you should try to let the hair dry naturally, and then proceed to styling. An exception can only be the appearance of the light, when you need to get in order very quickly.

How to comb wet hair

Immediately after washing, you need to wrap your head with a bath towel for 5-10 minutes. This time is enough to absorb excess moisture into the fabric.You can also gently blot the wet hair with a towel, then apply a special product to facilitate scratching or an indelible balm.
Modern cosmetic companies produce a variety of hair products designed for high-quality styling and complete care. Most products greatly facilitate combing. Preference is better to give the means in the form of a spray, as they are very easy to use.
When using cosmetic products in the form of a foam or lotion, you need to squeeze out or pour a small amount of them on your palm, and then evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair.
After applying the cosmetic product, you can begin to comb. For this, a wooden or bone comb or comb with rare teeth will be ideal. Round and flat brushes with synthetic bristles or metal teeth are prohibited. They are very easy to damage wet hair.
Use a comb should be very careful. To begin with, it is worth dividing the hair into several large strands, and then combing each of them.You must begin combing from the very tips of your hair, and then you need to gradually move upward, to their roots.
It is desirable to start styling only after the hair has dried out a bit. While drying and creating hairstyles, you also need a comb, but in this case you can already use flat brushes and round combs. It is important that the tips of their plastic or metal teeth have a rounded shape. It is necessary to preserve the health of hair and prevent injury to the scalp.

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