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How to clean herring quickly and without bones

Well sharpened knife for cutting fish Sharpen the cutlery before cooking. From the sharpness of the blade depends: the efficiency and speed of cleaning herring, cutting the fillet into even parts.
Latex gloves Gloves will protect your skin from cuts with a sharp blade, bone injections and the smell of herring.
Cutting board Protect the tabletop with a cutting board designed for working with fish. Prefer plastic utensils, which is more practical and more convenient wooden. The latter will absorb fish oil, blood, and intestines for a long time and keep the smells of products.
Food wrap For easy cleaning of fish waste, protection from odor and grease, wrap a chopping board with cling film, and at the end of the work, roll up and throw it away.
Additional funds Tweezers will be required for the safe extraction of small bones from fish and "splinters" from the palms, if the bones have "stuck" into the skin of the hands.After cleaning the herring, rinse the cutting board with a special agent. And for freshness and eliminate unpleasant smell - wipe the working surface of the table and your palms with lemon juice.

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