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How to clean cellulite at home

First of all, start with exercise. They will help you tighten your muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite. You do not need to look for special exercises. Just do daily exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles and buttocks. It is these zones that are problematic and are most often susceptible to the appearance of cellulite. Try to walk more throughout the day. Thus, you will strengthen the muscles of the legs. Go swimming or cycling.
You need to change your eating habits a little. Continuing to absorb chocolate and animal fats, you will never get rid of cellulite. All efforts will be in vain, since all the fat contained in such products will tend to return to the problem areas he likes. Eat more fruit instead of sweet foods. And give up carbonated drinks.
Have a massage. No need to take special courses.Get anise oil and rose. Buy a mitten for bathing. Mix a small amount of olive oil with a few drops of essential oil and rub into problem skin until completely absorbed. After that, put on a mitten and rub the skin.
Well increase the elasticity of the skin in problem areas wraps. Use for them seaweed. The trace elements contained in their composition nourish the skin and prevent the deposition of fat.
Use clay. Mix it with chamomile extract, not completely chilled. Apply the mixture to the problem area and wrap in cellophane. To create a warming effect, wrap a warm cloth over the top. Lie quietly for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Do this daily water treatment such as a douche. Finish it constantly with cold water. This will improve the blood microcirculation in fatty tissues.
Remove from the body toxins. To do this, drink infusion of birch leaves in between food. Drink a cup of infusion at a time. You can use bearberry or kidney tea, but not more than 4 weeks.

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