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How to clean the laptop from dust?

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How to clean the laptop from dust?

Anyone who has a laptop, familiar with the problem of overheating of its processor, which makes it difficult to perform many operations, or even causes the computer to shut down. Such overheating occurs due to the fact that the laptop is clogged with dust so that the cooling system can no longer cope with its work. To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to clean the computer from dust in a timely manner, because it will help lower the temperature of the processor and other devices by 10-20 degrees. How to disassemble and clean the laptop from dust, and will be discussed further.

Notebook dusting should be done annually. Of course, computers from different companies have their own design features, which also affect the speed of clogging of cooling systems with dust. For the most part this is due to the location of the cooling systems. According to the observations of experts, laptops from companies such as SONY Vaio, as well as expensive models Asus and HP can not be cleaned for two years, and Apple - more than four years. Annual cleaning require laptops Samsung, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Asus.You can read about the features of Asus laptop cleaning in the article on our website How to clean an Asus laptop.

How to clean a laptop from dust: basic ways

There are two ways to clean the laptop from dust: disassembled and disassembled. It is possible to remove dust without disassembling a laptop (that is, without removing even the back panel), provided that the period of its operation does not exceed one year. To do this:

  1. Find the hole from which warm air blows while the computer is running. Usually it has the appearance of a lattice and can be located on one of the side parts of the body of the laptop, much less often from behind.
  2. Take a vacuum cleaner or a powerful hair dryer, pre-configured to blow air, and bring to the grid. From this laptop should emit a visible cloud of dust.

This method of cleaning the ventilation system may last for 1-3 months of operation without heating, but it will be effective only if the device is slightly contaminated. Otherwise, you will need to resort to another cleaning method that requires parsing the laptop. For its implementation, it is advisable to read the instructions attached to it and prepare the following tools:

  • cross screwdrivers;
  • a piece of dry soft cloth;
  • long-hair brush;
  • vacuum cleaner for blowing dust (hair dryer, compressed air bottle, rubber bulb);
  • engine oil or silicone grease.

How to disassemble and clean the laptop from dust

In order to get a visual idea of ​​removing dust from a laptop, you can pay attention to the video on this page. Or use the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. It is necessary to disconnect the laptop and disconnect all devices connected to it.
  2. Turn the laptop "upside down" and unscrew the screws that hold the removable cover of the device with a screwdriver (it is better to fold them into some container so as not to lose).
  3. Remove the cover, determine the places of the greatest accumulation of dust. Usually the most dusty places are the fan (blades) and radiators (gaps between the fins).
  4. Remove the fan and wipe its blades with a dry cloth.
  5. Clean the radiator with a vacuum cleaner and the slots with a brush.
  6. Remove the impeller from the fan by peeling off the sticker on the inside and remove the washer by hooking it with a needle. The impeller should also be cleaned with a cloth.
  7. Clean the shaft and lubricate it with silicone grease or engine oil.
  8. Dust from a laptop keyboard can be removed either by blowing it out with air from a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or a can, or by disassembling it for manual cleaning. To do this, you will first have to unfasten the top panel (it is held on the latches) and then unscrew the screws that secure the keyboard to the case with a screwdriver. To get rid of dust from the keyboard, all the keys will have to be detached.

Learn more about cleaning laptops in the article on our website How to clean a laptop.

As a rule, for high-quality cleaning of a laptop of dust it is not required its complete disassembly Laptops of some companies (such as, for example, Acer, Asus or Rover) have a convenient design that gives access to the cooling system immediately after removing the back cover. Learn how to properly disassemble the laptop Acer Aspire, you can read the article How to disassemble the laptop Acer Aspire. There are some laptops that for cleaning will have to almost completely disassemble (for example, HP, Sony and Samsung).

How often should I clean my laptop from dust

The most important role in how often the laptop should be cleaned of its dust, in addition to the novelty and manufacturer, is played by the conditions of its operation. Must be kept in mindthat if the laptop is on a table in a clean, ventilated room, which is often wet-cleaned, then its cooling systems will be contaminated much slower. The rapid dusting of computer systems contributes to the presence of such factors as:

  • Pets;
  • carrying out repairs in the apartment where the laptop is kept;
  • constant use of the laptop in bed, on upholstered furniture;
  • continuous operation of the laptop in the open air (on the balcony, veranda, etc.)

If there is no desire or ability to clean the laptop from dust on its own, then we can take it to the service department. In various computer workshops, the dust cleaning procedure usually costs from five hundred to three thousand rubles. This is not cheap, but cleaning will be done professionally. In addition, the wizard will be required to test the laptop in order to determine the correctness of the connection of all loops, and carefully check the operation of the device.


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