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How to choose the type of foundation

There is a plot for a cottage in a good location, but the plot is located near the lake and has a small angle of inclination. What are the features of construction on such sites? How to determine the type of foundation?
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Answered on July 7 20:14
You'd better contact the construction organization, which will calculate the required size and depth of the foundation, depending on what you are planning to build. The total weight of the construction is important.
Answered on July 7, 21:00
If your site is located on unstable soil and it is subject to displacements, then it is advisable to use a pile foundation so that the house does not stand on the upper layers, but on more dense soils.
Answered on July 7, 9:10
Given the specifics of your site, you need to determine the features of the relief and the location of groundwater under the site itself, given that there is a reservoir nearby.

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