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How to choose the size correctly

You will need
  • Measuring tape, pencil, notepad, A4 sheet and a little time.
However, many people, realizing all the benefits of shopping through online stores, are still afraid of spending money on what they did not hold in their hands and did not try. The main excuse is: “I can’t buy things without knowingsize, suddenly I will pay the money, but the thing will not work? ”The answer to this objection is simple - you need to learn how to choose the size correctly.
So. What is needed to fit the size correctly? First of all, you need to arm yourself with a measuring tape. One that seamstresses use. And make measurements: measure the volume of the chest, waist and hips. As well as shoulder width, leg length, well, anything else if desired. To help determine the size correctly will help you in the studio, they specialize in this and definitely will not be mistaken.
So, you have determined the correct size. What to do next? And then you need to do this.On each site respecting itself and its customers there is a table of sizes. Find it, choose the size as close as possible to what you measured in the atelier, or what you measured yourself, sitting at home. Order this thingsizeor a little more, and surely you will come exactly the thing that is perfect for you!
A little more complicated is the case withsizemi shoes. However, the selectionsizeshoes should not scare you, it is not as difficult as you might think. What is needed for this? Take a pair of shoes that perfectly suits you. If it is possible, then we take out the insole. We measure in centimeters the distance from the most prominent parts of the nose and heel. Further bysizeWe will be able to navigate on sites where there are also tables of sizes that facilitate the selection of the perfect pair of shoes.
If a shoe from which you can pull out the insole is not nearby, you can do it easier. To accurately determinesizeyou need to arm yourself with a white sheet of A4 paper and a pencil. Armed? Excellent. Stand on a piece of paper, pencil around the outline of the foot, and also measure the distance between the most prominent parts from the fingers to the heel.The result in centimeters will help you determine your size.
You see, everything is not so difficult! And the results will help you choose the perfect clothes anywhere in the world, for any money, perfect quality and perfectly fitting style, and for this you will not even need to leave the house! No wonder that more and more people dress in online stores.

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