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How to choose the right combidress?

Kombidress - a special detail of the female wardrobe, comfortable and elegant at the same time. Thanks to it, you can visually tighten the shape, and give the body a special refinement. Externally, it looks like a closed swimsuit with a buckle on between the legs, and can serve as a substitute for underwear. How to choose such a thing, we will tell below.

Second skin

Who first came up with the idea of ​​putting together panties and a T-shirt is not known for sure. But on the way to the modern species, the combidress went through several stages of improvement. According to one version, its creators were the French at the beginning of the 20th century. Then the sportswear, integral from a breast and to a bottom, was called as leotard. So she was named in honor of the gymnast Jules Leotard.

The model did not have a fastener and was intended for gymnastics, without having a distinction between male and female.

Another origin story says that cobidress was created in Hollywood at the time when they began to shoot scenes with undressing, and later he settled in the wardrobe of ballerinas. But even then he did not have a fastener.I came up with some sports coach for the convenience of athletes.

This item of clothing became especially popular in the 80s.

But it is necessary to distinguish the concept of "body" and "combidress." The first may be a separate item of clothing with sleeves, a collar, in the form of a shirt. But the combination is sewn with thin or wide straps and worn as underwear.

Most often for this, thin materials are used, well-fitting body, to achieve the effect of maximum concealment under clothing. And also the technology of seamless sewing, allowing to wear such underwear even under the most beautiful and light dress.

To choose the right part of the wardrobe, it is necessary, first of all, to know about its varieties. They are:

  1. Sports. They are sewn from a special hygroscopic fabric, which absorbs moisture well and perfectly fits the figure. This allows the athlete to feel comfortable during exercise.
  2. With a bra. Such models are suitable for daily wear and replace bra sets and shorts. Most often they are made of satin stretch fabric and are decorated with lace.The advantage of such models is also in the fact that in winter they perfectly retain heat, acting as a kind of thermal underwear.
  3. Erotic. This option is suitable for romantic dates with your loved one. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the combidress can be decorated with mesh or lace, and also have a sealed cup.
  4. Therapeutic. This is a special look, the wearing of which can even be recommended by a doctor. For example, if you have problems with the locomotor system or to support the abdomen after surgery. Such corrective underwear has a soothing effect, and can also be used to adjust the shape. To do this, seal parts, located in problem areas, are sewn into it.

Corrective combidresses are winter and summer. The former are always made of thick cotton, and the latter, as a rule, of weightless silk or satin.

Helpful Tips

How to choose from the variety of options the right and appropriate? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. If you want to buy kombidress to replace the usual underwear, then choose a model with a beautiful bust.
  2. Those who are in search of corrective underwear for a dress should pay attention to the strapless option.
  3. When purchasing a thing without fitting (for example, in an online store), give preference to the one in which there are 2-3 rows of fasteners. This will allow you to adjust the product to your height.
  4. In the case of corrective product should be based on your own feelings. It necessarily needs fitting. This is because this type of laundry has a compressive effect, and it should not be excessive. You do not need to sacrifice yourself by acquiring a thing one or two sizes smaller, in the hope of getting a more pronounced effect of slimness.

So you not only waste money, but also risk to get health problems due to prolonged squeezing of blood vessels.

To be as inconspicuous as possible, it is important to choose the product in the color of your clothes. But if, for example, there are lace inserts in the dress, then for the effect of naturalness it is better to choose flesh-colored underwear to match the dark tone of the clothes.

It is also worth paying attention to how to properly wear combidress. Wearing under them is not necessary, as they serve as a substitute.But on the naked body to do it is also not hygienic. In such a situation, it is recommended to use a daily panty liner, which is placed on the gusset.

As for tights, they are often worn over. But in the case when you need to make them completely invisible, you can wear them under the combidress, then the gasket should be attached to them to ensure hygiene.

Kombidress - a great option for any woman who wants to always look attractive and sexy. In addition, from the variety of options you can always find the one that suits you by style and price. Be beautiful!

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