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How to choose upholstered furniture?

Sure, each of us bought upholstered furniture and, naturally, faced a wide variety. Going into any furniture store to choose a sofa or couch we are greeted with a huge number of upholstery options, forms, functionality. It would seem that such a variety should facilitate the choice, because everyone can find what he likes. But in reality it only makes it difficult to decide.

Choosing the upholstery of your future furniture, first of all, you need to consider where it will be. The right choice will extend the life of the furniture, and she will be able to please you longer. For sunny rooms in which the sun's rays will fall on the furniture, it is best to prefer the chenille fabric. This fabric practically does not burn out of sunlight.

If you chose leather furniture, pay attention to its thickness,it should not be too thin. But at the same time soft and not too tight. It will allow to feel the greatest comfort, and guarantees the maximum term of operation. Pay attention to the seams, they should be smooth, neat with a strong thread.
But the best option would be furniture with removable covers, we advise you to visit a designer furniture store where you find unique and original products. In this case, you can always change the look of the furniture by simply changing the covers.
What's inside?
As an internal filler, furniture manufacturers use spring blocks, polyurethane foam or polyester fibers. On these materials it is worthwhile to dwell.
Spring blocks. The requirements that are imposed on them are the quality of the steel wire from which the springs are made, their number and method of attachment. The more springs were used, the more comfortable the furniture will be.And if the springs are made of hardened wire, then they will not lose their shape over time and retain their elasticity.
Polyurethane foam is used as a filler for the backs of upholstered furniture and the sleeping surface or sit. This material should be sufficiently dense, but not loose, and when it is compressed, elasticity and elasticity should be felt. Polyurethane foam, a material that serves for a long time and practically does not deform.
Polyester fibers are used as a filler for armrests and back pillows. In order for this material to retain its shape as long as possible, it is given a size equal to small balls. Pillows filled with this material are gentle, airy and keep their size well.
When choosing furniture, do not be lazy and buy the first one you like. Touch, feel, sit, try to get as much information as possible about the furniture you like.


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