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How to choose a microwave oven (microwave) correctly

How to choose a microwave properly photoWe choose the microwave oven (microwave) correctly, we study the technical characteristics.

Making the right choice of "microwave", we look at the function ...



Probably, every hostess would have dreamed of having a self-dressing tablecloth that would fulfill all the culinary wishes of each family member. But still we exist in reality and this fabulous object has not yet been invented by mankind. Although it is possible to argue with this fact, because we have a unique and equally functional household thing, like a microwave oven. At first glance, it seems that little can be done in the microwave, but this is not the case. The microwave oven allows us to heat food, defrost, boil, steam or crisp-flavored crust. And the functions of this device are actually diverse,the most important thing is to be able to properly understand everything.


The most interesting is that the microwave oven prepares the dish in the shortest possible time. All this is due to the fact that the food is first prepared inside, and only then outside. And if to say more precisely - the water that is in the products is heated, that is, the water molecules, and not the food itself. But let's start everything in order along with the site useful tips, learn how to choose a microwave oven, what specifications to watch, what functions of the microwave oven will be useful to you.


Technical characteristics of microwave ovens (microwaves)



When choosing a microwave oven, first of all it is necessary to determine its size. They may be as follows:


  1. Small volumethat is, up to twenty liters. But such ovens are suitable mainly for defrosting food or heating dishes. After all, you are unlikely to be able to shove a chicken into it for cooking.
  2. Medium size- capacity from twenty to twenty-eight liters. This stove is perfect for a family of three or four people. Many of these microwaves are also equipped with a grill that allows you to cook dishes with an aromatic and golden crust. But still about the grill, we'll talk later.
  3. High volume- capacity of more than twenty-eight liters. This option is perfect for a large family. In it, you can cook anything, even a turkey. Often, this type of furnace can be equipped with special grills. There is a convection and grill here.


Microwave photoI would also like to give one piece of advice, if you choose a medium or large size oven, be sure to pay attention to the rotating pan. After all, it is absolutely pointless to take a thirty-liter stove with a small tray - it should be big.


Not less important -location selection. You yourself understand that the average and large microwave takes up a lot of space. It should be free to stand with the ability to freely open the door.


And of course - decide on the purpose, that is what you need this oven for. As mentioned earlier, many ovens are equipped with a grill and convection, so let's try to understand in detail what they are for.


With helpgrill functionsyou can fry everything you want - it can be vegetables or fish, as well as meat. Thanks to such an existing device, you can enjoy dishes with crispy and golden brown crust. And do not have to spend a long time behind the stove.Your microwave oven will do everything for you. The grill can be as follows:


  1. Quartz.Here in the ceiling of the microwave is a hidden quartz lamp that heats the food in a fairly short time. This lamp takes up very little space, and it is very easy to wash it, as it is located under the metal grill. But nevertheless, over time, drops of fat will get inside, and here it will be more difficult to clean the lamp. These drops may fade, but after a while you may start to smell when cooking.
  2. TENey.In the microwave oven there is a black metal tube in which the heating object itself is located. It can be located on the ceiling of the stove or change its place, that is, it can be placed at an angle. Some models of microwave ovens contain both upper and lower grill. Such a grill will be somewhat cheaper.


Many housewives do not perceive the microwave as an alternative to the oven, see how to choose the right gas stove and which one. But still, probably, not many have heard of such a function as a confection.This function moves the water or air around the circle. It can be carried out both naturally and forcibly. This function works on the principle of all ovens. Having this function, it is possible to bake your favorite dishes, directly, in a microwave oven, and besides this - you need exactly two times less time than it is necessary for the oven.


Basic types of microwave control



Three types of microwave control photoThere are three types of microwave control:


  1. Mechanical.The most reliable and simple type of control. Here you just need to turn the two knobs and the oven will start working. One handle allows you to choose the power, and the second - the time of cooking. This type is perfect for elderly people, or for children. After all, it will be much easier for them to understand this system.
  2. Button.It is more difficult to apply, but still more interesting. Here you can select the cooking time of the product, depending on its weight. You can simply choose the type of product and weight, and the microwave will do the rest of the work for you. Time can be entered on the display, and in the memory of such a furnace can save several recipes.
  3. Sensory.In principle, the functions are the same as those of a button-type control, but here you just have to press not on the buttons, but on the touch panel. This option is less reliable.


Deciding on the interior of the microwave oven



It may sound strange, but the taste of cooked products in a microwave oven directly depends on its interior decoration. Finishing is of the following types:


  1. Enamel.The most popular type of finish. It is easiest to keep it clean and in order, and besides, this one covered is not very expensive.
  2. Ceramic.Very durable coating, which is difficult to scratch. Drops of fat that run down the walls stop on it and then are very easily removed with a regular kitchen sponge.
  3. Stainless steel.This coating looks very elegant and besides this - it is durable. It is resistant to temperature changes. And that is why this finish is used in the manufacture of ovens with grill and convection. But nevertheless there is a minus - it is much more difficult to keep it clean.


Microwave functions



  1. Defrosting. Thanks to this function, you can quickly defrost the necessary products.Some microwaves have an automatic defrost function. In this case, the furnace itself chooses the power level, and also determines the warm-up time.
  2. Automatic cooking. All that needs to be done is to choose the type of product and its weight, but the microwave oven itself will set the mode, power, time, and so on.
  3. Automatic warming up.This function of the microwave oven does not differ in any way from the previous function. All you need to specify except the type of product and its weight, is that you want to heat the product, and not to cook it. This mode usually includes: “Soup”, “Ready Meal”, “Drinks”.
  4. AutostartA very convenient feature in the microwave. It allows you to start cooking at any time convenient for you. You only need to download the product and select this mode.
  5. Safety or child lock. This function allows you to disable or block all keys, because, as you know, microwaves are not set high and are quite accessible to the child. In order to protect it and this function is intended.
  6. Quick cooking.This function of the microwave oven allows you to cook food in a very short time. Preheat the dish can be even in 30 seconds with strong power.
  7. Steam sensor. Everything is very simple here - when the steam starts to stand out very actively, the special sensor notices it and sends the information to the microwave computer, which in turn decides how many dishes will be prepared based on the data. All information about the cooking time you can see on the display.
  8. Automatic temperature maintenance. An excellent microwave function is if your guests are late, and the dish needs to be kept hot during this time. This mode will help you to cope with this task - put the dish in the microwave and set this mode.
  9. Sound signal.This microwave function indicates that cooking, defrosting, or heating is over.
  10. Operation and convenience. Remember that a microwave oven should be comfortable for you. It should not bring discomfort, because microwaves are created to make life easier for the hostess. Pay attention to the fact that the doors would open easily and be well blocked.Functions should be as clear as possible, even if there are certain limitations. The necessary buttons should be conveniently located.


And do not forget to pay attention to,which is included with the microwave oven. It can be a skewer, grates, bowls, cots for baby bottles and so on.


Microwave- this is a real gift for every housewife. She will do a lot of work in a fairly short time and no worse than in the oven or on the stove.


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