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How to choose a bike for a child

For toddlers of the age range from one to two years old, one should choose a bicycle equipped with some special parts and accessories for the convenience of riding on this vehicle. Bicycles for the smallest in design are similar to strollers.
Models for babies from one year to two years old should have at least three wheels, a special handle with which parents can rollbaby, low comfortable seat with protective curbs and seat belts.
Legs of small children who are still unable to pedal themselvesbicycleshould not just hang down. For thembicyclemust have special coasters.
Bike for the baby must be equipped with a special awning-visor that protects the toddler from the scorching sun and heavy rain.
The design of some modern models of bicycles for the smallest includes a basket for toys.And the presence of a variety of buttons, beeper, flashing lights, sound and light panels make cycling interesting and exciting.
Often a bike equipped with parts for the smallest riders is transformed into a model for older children. Such devices as the parental handle, stand for the legs, the restrictive rim are removed, and the bicycle becomes fit for drivingbabytwo to four years. But the basket for toys remains an indispensable partbicyclefor kids older than two years, because it is at this age that the child is actively playing in the sandbox with molds, shovels, cars and buckets.
Naturally, buying a universal bike with removable parts is very profitable, because it is useful not for one, but for at least two or three years.
Forbabyolder than four years, you can choose a bike on two wheels. Although it is desirable for novice riders to attach a pair of small auxiliary wheels to the rear wheel of such a vehicle, usually bundled with this kind of model. By the age of five, these wheels can be removed so that the child can independently learn to ride a two-wheeled bicycle.
Do not choose a bike forbabyequipped with a hand brake, because to press it you need to put a lot of effort. Use of a children's foot brakebicyclemuch safer and more convenient forbaby.
When choosingbicycleforbabyshould pay attention to the material from which made his pedals. Metal, of course, is much stronger than plastic, but the price for a bicycle with metal pedals is higher than for a model with plastic pedals.
Choose a bike forbabyit should be such that the height of its seat and steering wheel are adjusted as the rider grows. The distance between the earth and the crotchbabyshould not be less than 10 cm, provided that the rider is standing with both feet on the ground.
Children's bicycle with narrow rubber tires should be chosen for city driving on smooth asphalt. Models with wide tires are great when traveling off-road.

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