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How to charge a laptop?

The longevity of the battery of your laptop depends on how you feel about it. More precisely - what are your rules for its storage and use?

We will tell you not only about how to properly charge a laptop, but also how to properly store the battery and work properly on a laptop.

How to charge a laptop battery

At the beginning, when you just purchased a laptop, the battery charge will be negligible, so you can freely charge it to the maximum. Just do not allow the battery to completely discharge, because it can be discharged to such a point that it will not be possible to charge it at all. So, how to charge a laptop?

  1. Do not allow the battery to completely discharge.
  2. The battery should be stored charged at a temperature of + 15 ° C to + 35 ° C at normal, normal humidity.
  3. If the battery is stored separately from the laptop, it discharges itself.
  4. If the battery is left discharged for 2 weeks or more, then the reverse process occurs in all elements of the battery, and the battery itself fails.
  5. How to charge a laptop battery? You need to charge in laptops or in special chargers for this. You can not disassemble the battery or charge its elements. If necessary, contact the special service centers.
  6. How much to charge the laptop? Charge the battery as much as possible up to 24 hours (unless a different time is indicated in the documents).
  7. The current battery status can be viewed on the battery status indicator, it exists in almost every laptop (just specify where it is and how it works when buying a laptop). If suddenly when you turn on the laptop in e / network indicator for 5 minutes shows a fault, then the battery is faulty. It is necessary as soon as possible to turn off the laptop and get the battery.
  8. If the battery does not charge within 24 hours, then it is defective. In this case, the battery should be immediately removed from the laptop.
  9. If the batteries are faulty, they must be kept separate from the laptops. Beware: defective batteries may give off very harmful substances.
  10. The faster the repair of a faulty battery is carried out, the faster and at the lowest cost it will be restored.
  11. To reduce power consumption in a laptop to reduce, you need to change some settings. First, you need to pay attention to the display, because it is he who takes the most energy. When you reduce the brightness, then the running time will increase.
  12. Be careful if you are working on a laptop on battery:
    • when the battery is fully charged, the laptop shows this (you can hear a distinctive sound, a message appears on your screen that warns you that charging is complete, a special light flashes), then you can quickly connect the laptop to the electrical outlet.
    • if you turn on the laptop for a while without work, then it can fall into a "hibernation", which is characterized by low power consumption (the screen goes out, the hard drive turns off). It may accidentally make mistakes and count the laptop off, leaving it in this state. Then the battery will be discharged and will soon fail. So when you finish your work, make sure you really turn off the laptop. But the most reliable way to store the battery so that it does not discharge (when the laptop is not connected to the mains) - just take it out of the laptop and store it separately.

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