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How to change the date of birth?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 30, 2013
How to change the date of birth?

Many would like to change their name or surname in an official document. Is it possible to change the date of birth? And if so, how?

In general, the date of birth is a legal fact, an event on the basis of which there are a number of legal relations. This, for example, conscription, retirement, marriage. Change the date of birth just can not.

The date of birth can be lawfully changed only if any errors are found or the basic rules of writing are violated when a child is born. If you have reasons for changing the date, which does not contradict the legislative documents, then you can calmly address this issue to the registry office at your place of residence.

How is the date of birth change?

So how to change the date of birth? Now changing the date of birth is an extremely complicated procedure. Today, there is a federal database, and not every official in the official services will risk doing it, even for a lot of money.After all, the illegal change of the date of birth is a criminal act, and criminal liability is provided for it. In addition, even if it turned out to change the date in the passport, there may be inconsistencies with other documents, such as a diploma, certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

Previously, in the post-war period, it was much easier to do this. Nowadays, change the date of birth in the passport is possible only in case of an error. For example, different dates in the birth certificate and in the passport. In this case, the certificate is primary, and the passport is secondary. On the basis of a birth certificate, the date in the passport will be changed.

As you can see, replacing the date of birth is not easy. Changing the date of birth in documents is much more difficult than changing the date of birth in Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and other social networks. If you only want this, then changing the date will be easy.


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