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How to celebrate 30 years?

The thirtieth anniversary is the age when a person has already entered the age of maturity, but has not yet said goodbye to his young years. This anniversary is especially important, therefore, it should be noted with all its pomp, so that after the celebration pleasant impressions and good memories remain. We offer several ideas on how to celebrate 30 years.

How to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years

Style party 30

Since the hero of the day turns thirty, this figure is very symbolic. This means that it makes sense to use it more often during the celebration. Let there be thirty colorful balloons in the room, thirty tasty dishes on the tables, and 30 flickering candles in the candelabra on the walls. The symbolism of objects shows that a person enters a new period of life, which will be bright, like balloons, rich, like dishes on a table, and refined, like candles in candlesticks. You can organize 30 contests with 30 prizes, and give each party participant a t-shirt or a cap with the words “I am 30 today!” (“Today I turned 30 years old!”). Of course, one can not do without the comic rooms, which will create a festive mood for guests.These can be contests with the performance of a serenade with mouth taped with adhesive tape, amusing cooking contests and comic "power" events.

Such parties are held in restaurants, but for a small company, a cozy cafe will also go well, where everyone will feel like a part of a fun holiday. Thus, the question of where to celebrate 30 years, has already been resolved.

Party nostalgia

Anyone who has reached the age of 30, certainly has a baggage of memories behind his back. So why not give a celebration of lyricism and not get from the memory of the happy moments that have occurred in the life of the hero of the day over the past years. For this, you should prepare special collages, where the photos will capture the birthday boy in the most joyful episodes of his life: while traveling to the sea, with friends on barbecues, at the time of getting a diploma or driver's license, etc. Traveling into the past is a great opportunity to congratulate hero of the day with his holiday and once again relive the touching moments that occurred in his life.

In addition, you can recall the popular music and films at that time, which the hero of the day liked, and play quizzes from the series “Guess Who Sings This Song” or “What kind of Film?”.For these games, a computer and a large wall screen, where images and sounds will be projected, will be a great help. It is great if there is also karaoke in the hall - a technique that will allow you to perform songs of past years.

Where is it preferable to hold such a party? This can be done both at home and in a large banquet hall, where all friends will be happy to congratulate the hero of the day. In such a cozy atmosphere, you can safely celebrate the birthday of 30 years.

You will learn about what is the best gift to present for the thirtieth anniversary in the article What to give for 30 years.

Themed Carnival Party

For the hero of the day, who is distinguished by artistry and fantasy, a party with carnival costumes can be a wonderful gift. To hold such a large-scale event is best in a roomy restaurant. To implement the idea, you can use the film, which was especially popular in the past and liked the hero of the day, and on the basis of it make a whole holiday. For example, it may be a popular science film like “Terminator”, and guests will dress in fancy robots costumes, and the hero of the party, the hero of the day, will be embodied in John Connor, or a cheerful comedy in the style of “Ivan Vasilyevich changes profession”, which will allow guests to feel themselves as heroes of a popular movie.The atmosphere must necessarily correspond to the subject, so the room where the celebration will take place, should resemble footage from the selected movie. It will be great if someone takes on the role of the leading party. In this case, the guests and the hero of the day will have the opportunity to participate in fun contests related to the subject of the film, quizzes from the series: “Who owns these words” or “Continue the replica of the hero”, as well as play some episodes from the film that you especially like and guests, and birthday.

No matter how you plan to celebrate your holiday, remember that it is important not to follow the precise rules of the party and not blindly follow the traditions, but to create a cheerful and homely warm atmosphere that will leave the most joyful and bright moments in the memory of everyone present.


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