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How to cause a little devil?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
March 11, 2013
How to cause a little devil?

Many with affection recall childhood years, when in the dark evenings in a friendly company one could listen to horror stories, tell fortunes or cause a devil answering any questions. Having reached maturity, many, apparently out of nostalgia, are not averse to recall mystical experiments. For such people who want to communicate with the other world, we can give one of the simplest rituals, advising how to call the devil, using the technique of a seer. Perhaps he will help to have fun, say, on Halloween.

  • A circle is drawn on a clean sheet of paper in any way. Along the inner line of the circle letters are written in alphabetical order, and along the outer line - numbers from one to ten. At the top and bottom of the resulting dial, the words “yes” and “no” are written, on the right and left - the phrase “I do not know” and “I cannot answer”.
  • In the center of the circle there is a point around which the silhouette of the devil is drawn with all the attributes - horns, hooves and tail. The point will denote it "navel".
  • Before calling the devil, all participants should remove all metal decorations, wearable crosses.
  • One of the participants must donate a drop of his blood, which is easy to get from a finger using a needle. Do not forget about the simplest measures of disinfection.
  • In the room leave one lit candle. A drop of blood is dripping exactly in the center of the circle.
  • Participants sit around a sheet with a circle, join hands and several times call on the devil to come. Then a needle is taken hanging on a string, which is held by the string so that the point points to the center of the circle. If, after the call, the needle swung in the direction of the “yes” inscription, then the call was a success and the devil can ask questions to which he will answer, pointing the needle to letters, numbers or phrases on the circle.
  • At the end of the session, you should again take the hands and say: "little devil go away."

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