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How to caress the clitoris?

The clitoris is perhaps the most sensitive of the female genital organs, and in most cases it depends on its correct stimulation whether a girl can get an orgasm. But how to caress the clitoris for maximum pleasure? Read about it in our article, which I decided to split into two parts. The first will be devoted to caressing the clitoris by the girl herself during the process of masturbation, and the second, when someone else caresses her clitoris — a partner or even a partner.

How to caress the clitoris

Most girls and women are able to give pleasure to themselves, however there are also those who just have to learn this. Firstly, the guy or the man is not always near, and secondly, masturbation is often also very, very pleasant and relaxing. In order to properly caress the clitoris itself, you must first have at least a little understanding of the anatomy of this organ. To do this, bring the mirror to your "pussy" and move your labia apart - do you see a small (or not so) pea at the top and a kind of hood above it? This is the head and the clitoral hood, and just below it, two folds go away to the labia - this is the frenulum of the clitoris.We are primarily interested in the head of the clitoris - this is the most sensitive part of the clitoris, and, probably, of all female genitals. It is in the head of the clitoris that the largest number of nerve endings is concentrated (just imagine - there are about 10 times more there than in the head of the male penis, and it is also very sensitive). It is possible to caress a head differently, and here everything depends on which movements the clitoris will respond to the most excitement. Usually there are several types of movements:

  • light movements of the head on a tangent, peculiar strokes;
  • accented rhythmic finger presses on the head;
  • pressing the finger to the head of the clitoris without a break;
  • caressing movements in the direction of "over".

What type to choose depends only on your feelings. For more pleasure, you can caress your chest with your free hand or even stick your finger (fingers) into the vagina or stroke it between the labia. Some girls really like the clitoral caress with simultaneous stimulation of the nipples - try and you. In a word, experiment - and you will definitely find the perfect way to satisfy yourself.And now let's talk about cases when a partner (or a partner who caresses the clitoris with fingers), caresses the girl for a girl.

Petting and cunnilingus

Weasel hands (petting) and tongue (cunnilingus) clitoral heads are the most effective for obtaining maximum pleasure from intimate intimacy. If your partner is experienced enough, then, in principle, he should be aware of what is written in the previous chapter about the caress movements. If not, then introduce him (or her) to this information - it will be useful to anyone who really wants to give pleasure to the girl. By the way, the language (and not only them, but also lips too) can also perform many pleasant actions with the head of the clitoris. The same lips will help you gently clasp the head and touch her tongue. Some girls like sucking movements, and some like petting with their tongues. But in the presence of a partner there is another plus - so you can cover almost all erogenous zones. So, the partner can caress your clitoris with your tongue, and your fingers - the vagina, and you at this time will pull at your nipples. This is how some women get a lot more excitement than with direct stimulation of the vagina with the penis.By the way, during intercourse, you can also remember about the clitoris and caress it with your fingers. The fact is that during sexual intercourse the clitoris is not always stimulated sufficiently, and this is often necessary to achieve orgasm. Well, if you find it difficult to perceive the information in print, watch the video, how to caress the clitoris. To do this, enter the corresponding query in any search engine (although Google will give you more interesting results).


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