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How to care for cyclamen?

For indoor flowers is very important proper care. If you do not follow some of the rules, the plant can quickly die. In this article we will tell you how to care for cyclamen. This is a very beautiful and delicate indoor flower that can act as a great gift or purchase for your apartment.


Knowing how to care for a cyclamen flower, of course, will not be complete without knowing the rules for watering this plant. And it should be watered abundantly, but without fanaticism. The irrigation procedure should be very careful. Water in no case should not fall on the shoots, as well as on the upper part of the tuber. Indeed, in this case, the flower may simply rot. Before watering, be sure to defend.


Direct sunlight should not fall directly on the cyclamen. Indeed, in this case, the flower can be spoiled, or it can quickly die. Try to make the lighting bright, but the rays do not fall on the leaves of the flower.


If you want cyclamen to be beautiful and healthy, be sure to fertilize it. This is done about once every fourteen days.Use for this purpose mineral fertilizers or special fertilizers for this flower and flowering plants. If suddenly the leaves have lost color and become unhealthy in appearance, feed the flower with iron chelate. You can either spray them leaves, and make the soil.


Cyclamen likes relatively cool temperatures. Approximately + 14- + 17 degrees Celsius. Naturally, in summer it is quite difficult to provide a similar temperature for a flower. But try to do at least in such a way that the temperature does not exceed +25 degrees. In winter, try to arrange these flowers so that they are far away from batteries, fireplaces, etc. Ventilate the room regularly. Take care that there are no drafts, their cyclamens do not like.


Many do not pay any attention to this factor. However, in vain, because it is very important. Spray cyclamen is not necessary. Say more, the ingress of any water on the shoots, flowers and tubers can harm the flower. However, if the temperature in the room is too high, then you can splash water around the flower, but NOT directly at it. Such measures will help cyclamen to cope with the heat.In addition, you can put a flower pot on a wet pebble.


Transplant this plant in the summer. Most often in the second half. It is during this period that the active growth of young leaves should begin. Be sure to use drainage. New pot should not be too big. It is advisable to treat a new soil with a solution of potassium permanganate before steaming, or steam it. After all, cyclamen is quite easily subdued to the destructive influence of various pests. Do not bury the tuber too deep in the ground. When transplanting, try not to damage the roots. Cyclamen is most often transplanted with a clod of earth. Immediately after transplanting, place the flower in a bright, but cool place. At first, water moderately, but as soon as you notice the active growth of leaves, switch to abundant watering.


This flower is propagated by dividing the tuber or seeds. This process is rather troublesome, and the real lovers of their work do it. For everyone else, we recommend simply buying a new flower in a store instead of multiplying it. Despite this, we give an example of how to properly propagate cyclamen by dividing a tuber:

  1. Carefully remove the tuber from the ground, dry it and cut it into delenki;
  2. We put a part of the roots and soil on each section;
  3. We dry sections in the shade;
  4. We process them with some antiseptic agent (for example, activated carbon);
  5. We sit out the delenki in pots.

Now you know how to properly care for cyclamen. We hope that our recommendations will help you.


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