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How to calculate in Excel?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor is designed to process numeric and text data. With its help it is convenient to calculate various indicators: the sum of values, product, percentages, arithmetic average and many others.

How to make simple calculations

If the action you need is not indicated in the list of formulas, for example, you need to divide one number by another, the calculation algorithm will be as follows:

  1. select the cell in which you want to see the results of calculations;
  2. Place the cursor in the formula bar, enter the “=” sign;
  3. click on the cell containing the value of the dividend;
  4. enter the dividing sign "/";
  5. click on the cell containing the divisor value;
  6. press the Enter key.

In the case when you need to find the difference of two values ​​in Excel, performing step 4, enter the sign of the difference "-" using the number keys on the right side of the keyboard.

This is how the product is calculated and the interest is calculated.

Algorithm for performing calculations using the fx button

  1. Fill the table cells with the necessary data. Enter them manually using the keyboard.
  2. Place the cursor in the cell in which you want to see the results of the calculations.
  3. On the toolbar, click on the “Functions” icon (denoted by fx), a dialog box titled “Function Wizard” will appear.
  4. Select the desired action (function), confirm your choice by clicking "OK". A new window “Function Arguments” will appear.
  5. Select the cells that contain the data for calculations, click OK.

How to calculate the sum of several values

To calculate the sum of two numbers, according to the algorithm, enter them into cells, for example, A1 and A2. Click once on cell A3 or select it with the left, right, down, and up arrows on the keyboard. Click on the fx button; the proposed list contains 10 recently used formulas (or those set by default). Select the “SUM” function, it will immediately appear in the formula bar, and the “Function Arguments” window will appear.

The next step will be to enter the designations of the cells containing the numbers that need to be added. This can be done manually by typing "A1" and "A2" (change the keyboard layout language to English), but it is easier and more correct to click on one cell and then on another cell.After pressing the “OK” button, the sum of the indicated values ​​will be reflected in cell A3. Now, if you change the data in cells A1 and A2, the amount will be recalculated automatically.

Another point: if you need to calculate the sum of the values ​​of a large number of cells, select the first one, then click the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the last. The function arguments window will display the range you selected.

In the same way, the average value (“AVERAGE”), standard deviation (“STANOTCLONE”) are calculated, many other financial and statistical calculations are made.


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