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How to calculate by ip?

The work of the worldwide Internet has become possible thanks to IP protocols (ie, Internet Protocol). It is these protocols that connected all the computers of the world into a single network and assigned each connection its own IP address.

What is IP?

An IP address is a unique network address on a computer network. An IP address cannot be considered the address of a specific computer; it is only the address of a network connection. But most often, each individual computer is assigned an IP address.

Typically, an IP address looks like this: “xxxx.xxx.xx.xxxx”. Instead of crosses in this record are the numbers from one to nine.

All IP addresses can be divided into two types: static (or static) and dynamic. Static IP addresses do not change during device operation. This type of IP address cannot be assigned by another computer. Dynamic addresses change as you work. They are set by the computer only for a predetermined period of time.

How to calculate your IP?

In order to calculate the IP of your computer in different operating systems, you will need to perform various actions.Let's take an example with the Windows operating system, as it is perhaps the most popular today.

  • Anyone who wants to set his IP address should, first of all, open a command line: the user enters a command from the keyboard, and the system executes it;
  • The easiest way to open the command line is to open the "Start" button and click the "Run" button. In the field that appears, you can type in the required command and press “OK” or use the “Enter” keyboard button. You can also just call the command line using the keyboard. To do this, hold down the Win button (Windows checkbox) and press the button with the Latin letter R. Further actions are the same;
  • After you have opened a command prompt, you can enter the “ipconfig” command. And your computer will show on the screen the number of your IP. This number is unique and there is no other user on the network with the same number. In this case, each time you visit a particular resource on the Internet, you leave your IP address number on it. As a result, at this address you can calculate the owner of the computer. But not everything is so simple. The user, especially if he is a hacker, can hide his IP using a proxy server.

IP Algorithm

Let's imagine that nobody hid the IP you are interested in.In this case, you have a chance to set some information about the user.

  1. First of all, you need to set the IP itself of the person who interests you. There are several different ways to do this:
    • For example, if you received any emails from this user, you can see the title of one of the emails. The heading is not the subject of the letter, but its service information, which is sent along with the letter. To view the title, for example, on the Rambler mailbox, you need to open the letter, select “More actions” and click on “Letter headers”;
    • Another way is to contact a person via Skype. During a call, open a command prompt and enter the "netstat" command. In the window that appears, you should find the connection channel and you will see the IP you are interested in;
    • Another way is suitable for those cases when the person you are interested in is not a confident Internet user. In this case, you just need under some innocent excuse to ask him to go to the site and dictate large numbers through the dot, which are in the center of the screen. This method is the least reliable, since your “victim” can guess your plans.
  2. When the IP is set, you can easily calculate the location of the user up to the settlement. To do this, it will be enough to enter the IP address on the site or on another similar resource. There you can also set information about the provider, which provides access to the Internet for the user you are interested in and, possibly, the browser that is used by the person.
  3. More detailed information about the user can only be collected when entering his computer. And these actions are illegal. If the user commits any acts of sabotage in relation to you, you can contact your provider for help with your data with the IP address of the attacker and specific information about his actions. In the future, you can contact the law enforcement agencies if the situation really requires their intervention.

Difference between IP and ID

Often, users confuse the two consonant terms of IP and ID. To calculate a person by IP means to find out information about a user as an element of the global Internet. To calculate a person by ID means to find a person in a social network, for example, VKontakte.


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