How to Buy Donkeys

Have you ever wanted a donkey to care for? If you have a big animal like this one, you will need lots of shelter for it, and a wide, open space where it can run and exercise.


  1. Research what's involved in caring for a donkey.Like any big farm animal, they need a lot of space and the right kind of environment, supplies, and food. Do your research to decide if you can commit to providing a good home for the donkey.
  2. Make sure you can afford a donkey.Big animals like donkeys require a lot of expert care, and the costs of supplies, food, and any vet bills can really add up. If you're an experienced farmer or donkey owner already, consider all the costs thoroughly before you commit to the purchase.
  3. Prepare before getting a donkey.You must have everything you need to care for a donkey before getting one. Buy the following supplies:
    • Food and water buckets
    • Food
    • Good fencing
    • Strong shelter
  4. Put in good fencing.Every farm animal needs sturdy fencing to protect it and to keep it from leaving the safe area you've chosen to house it in. Stronger fencing is a good idea if you have multiple donkeys, or are trying to keep them separate from other animals or predators.
    • A wide open space is also recommended because donkeys are big animals and need lots of space to run and exercise.
    • Make sure your donkey has a good shelter too. Multiple donkeys will need bigger shelter and places to eat. Stalls are good shelters too.
  5. Buy the donkey.In picking your donkey, make sure you consider size, sex and temperament. Male and female donkeys have different temperaments, and you'll also need to pick between miniature, standard and mammoth-sized donkeys. Figure out which type is the right fit for your needs before you pick which one to bring home.
  6. Take good care of the donkey.Provide lots of exercise opportunities, appropriate food, and good veterinary care when needed. If you take good care of your donkey, it might live to be over 30 years old.

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  • Make sure the donkey has a wide open space to run.
  • Good shelter is recommended so they can keep safe from predators and can sleep in a protected area.
  • Buy the supplies you need before getting your donkey, so it won't go hungry and have no shelter.


  • Do not buy the caring supplies after getting the donkey. It will then take time to get all of the supplies. The donkeys will go hungry and get sick. Get them before the donkey and it is the same with strong fencing.

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