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How to buy a bedspread in 2018

To make the bed not look too massive in a small bedroom, choose a bedspread to match the walls and floor, while avoiding the shiny fabrics of cold colors.
Remember, on which side of the world go bedroom windows. For northern rooms, it is better to prefer a warm golden or peach color bedspread. If the bedroom is often cool, choose warm colors: yellow, pink, orange, delicate cream or neutral shades.
To add color to the bedroom, you should buy a veil with a floral pattern, a floral pattern, plot sketches, ethno-style ornaments, geometric patterns, animal motifs. Note that in this case it should create a single harmonious ensemble with other textile elements: curtains, carpet, upholstery of upholstered furniture, etc.
If you like to often change the interior - buy a double-sided blanket, you can change the color of your bed at least every day. Modern manufacturers also offer a blanket symbiosis with a blanket, so you can save well if you choose such a solution.
Take care of such elements of decoration as ruffles, folds, cords, pendants, scallops, valances, eyelets, bows, etc. Combined with furniture and other elements of the decor, they can emphasize the elegance of style, but the wrong selection, excessive jewelry can make the bedroom too dollish and fancy, emphasizing the bad taste of the designer.
If you want to see the bed always neat and level, choose a quilted bedspread. Due to its bulkiness, it well hides all the irregularities on the bed; you will never achieve such an effect with a usual thin bedspread or rug.
Select the material from which the cover will be made, while paying attention not only to color and texture, but also to durability of use, the possibility of washing, resistance to staining, as well as whether it is strongly wrinkled.

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