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How to build a graph in Matkad (Mathcad)?

Julia Chmykhalo
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How to build a graph in Matkad (Mathcad)?

Mathcad is a special program that allows you to perform various technical and mathematical calculations on a computer. This program is equipped with a very simple graphical interface and allows you to make calculations, as well as build graphs based on them. Learn how to build a graph in Mathcad.

Graphing algorithm

First you need to run the application. It will support various kinds of functions. Here you will need to enter the expression for which you want to produce a graphic display. In the special panel of mathematical symbols you need to click on the button with the image of the graph. After that, the screen displays a palette with various examples of graphic elements.

Then select the button with the image of a two-dimensional graph and click on it. Next will be its template. It is necessary to enter the name of the independent variable along the X axis, as well as the name of the independent variable along the Y axis.Now it is necessary to click the left mouse button to any place outside the drawing, so the necessary construction will be completed in Matkad.

Scale change

It is not enough just to know how to build graphs in Matkad, it is also necessary to be able to make various adjustments in them. So, if you need to change the scale of the construction, you should select it and make changes in the resulting figures indicating the scale of the graph along the X and Y axes. After specifying the function, you will need to specify the range of the X argument.

Change the appearance of the graph

You should also know how to plot a point graph in the Matkad program. To do this, you must right-click on the picture and select the "Format" option. Then, in the �Axes� tab, you need to turn on the grid and set the number of necessary cells. Also in the �Traces� tab, you can set the formatting of lines. They can be made dashed, solid or dots. After performing these actions, go to the "Tags" tab. Now you know how to build a graph in Matkad. The last stage is left - entering the signature axes and the name of the chart itself.After all the settings are selected, you can save them for later use. To do this, go to the �Default� tab and select the �Use as default� checkbox.


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