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How to build a bisector?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
February 8, 2013
How to build a bisector?

As every schoolchild knows, jokingly a bisector is called a rat, which runs around the corners and divides the corners in half. Our task is to build correctly the bisector of the given angle with the help of a ruler, a pencil and a compass. For this, at a minimum, an angle is needed, it is required to find its middle. But how? You can build a bisector of the angle using simple geometric tools - rulers and compasses.

Explain how to build a bisector

So, we have an angle with a given vertex "A".

How to build a bisector

  • Using a compass, we construct an arbitrary circle whose center is at the vertex A.
  • Mark the points at which the circle intersects with the rays of the angle - B and C.
  • We build a pair of circles of the same radius. Their center should be at the points of intersection of the circle with the rays of the angle - B and C.
  • Mark the intersection point of the circles - D.
  • We draw a beam whose beginning is at point A, and which intersects point D. AD is exactly the bisector of angle A. necessary for us.If you check, then she really divided the original angle into two equal angles.

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