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How to behave with children?

Each mommy comes to delight when her little child takes the first steps, speaks the first words, gives the first smile, etc. But not everything is as smooth as we would like. When the baby matures, new problems begin. And it becomes harder and harder for you to find a common language with it. Let's take a look at how to deal with children in this article.

The main advice is that with children you need to behave the same way as with an adult. It is not difficult to find a common language with the child, if he is in a good mood and obedient, but if the crumb begins to show his character and stubbornly does not want to understand you, then the mother has to be much more difficult. How to conduct a conversation with a child correctly in order to reach an understanding?

Method of communication with the baby

  • First of all, you need to take your baby as he is, and not try to make him look like a neighbor's baby, which you think is perfect. Every baby is an individuality, and this must be considered. Let your child know that you love him for who he is.This will help him to be more confident and open to you.
  • When parents shout and teach the baby, he does not feel anything but the awareness of his depravity. But it will be much more effective if you just try to explain in a calm and even tone that you should not do this because ...
  • If the baby shares with you his suggestions or ideas, then agree with him. He must see that you understand him perfectly and respect his opinion.
  • Do not make the child suppress bad feelings. This can be bad for the psyche.
  • Comment on his actions, letting him know that it was he who did this, that it was he who wanted that, etc. The child must express himself.
  • Adults should partially abandon the word "no." Try to slightly change the construction of its ban. For example: "Do not hurt the puppy!"; “Be gentle with a puppy. He, too, is small! ”, Etc. Communicating with your child, do not allow lisping and an orderly tone. Imagine that in place of a child are some of your friends or girlfriends. After all, you will not shout at his girlfriend. Explain so that it becomes clear, but without shouting and prohibition.Gently direct the child's thoughts in the right direction.
  • When talking with your baby, do not be distracted by your household chores. Things will wait. Listen to your child and try to understand what he wants. If circumstances do not allow you to speak with the baby at this particular moment, then explain this to him, but promise that you will finish the job and be sure to listen to him.
  • Try to formulate your requests available. If you say a lot of phrases at a time, then the child simply will not accept you.

Teen crisis

The most difficult time in raising a child is adolescence, because a teenager is very difficult to control. In order to know how to behave with adolescents, you need to understand the reasons for their behavior and try to understand them. The adolescent crisis in each child begins at a different time period. Someone is watching him at 11 years old, and someone at 13-14.

During transitional age, adolescents strive for self-expression and try to prove that they are already adults and accomplished personalities. The physiological changes also join the psychological changes, because the hormones in the body are changing.In the actions and nature of the child can be observed mood swings, depression, aggression, lies. The child is trying to radically change all stereotypes and habits. He enters a new, adult life. How to behave with a child at this age?

  • Adults in communication with a teenager should be patient and learn not to answer with a cry for a cry.
  • Your child simply wants to become an adult. Try to accept it. Get into the habit of consulting with him in solving everyday problems.
  • Avoid conflict. If a teenager expresses absurd demands, then discuss them with him.
  • Do not pay attention to all offensive words addressed to you. In fact, your child does not think so. He needs you more than ever.
  • Conduct a conversation smoothly, confidently and calmly. Try to negotiate with a teenager. Make a deal, in case of non-fulfillment of which he has to do this, and you this.
  • Listen to the views of your child, and if you disagree with him, then try to firmly and confidently explain why he is wrong. Refer to the fact that you are adults with him and should do this and that.
  • To make it easier to transfer this difficult period, you can record a child to visit some sports section.

Now you know how to behave with children of different ages.


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