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How to become immortal?

At all times, people tried to maximize their life expectancy. In ancient times, blood chilling rituals and sacrifices were invented for this, today people trying to achieve immortality turn to chemistry and medicine trying to find the same elixir. But is it possible and how to become immortal? Let's try to figure it out.

Aging is a natural process.

The fact is that theoretically our body is quite able to live, if not forever, then at least not one hundred years. Our cells and even organs are capable of regeneration, and in case of severe injuries, transplanted organs can come to the rescue - this branch of medicine has a great future. It remains to solve one "small" problem - to cope with the aging process, since it is he who does not allow a person to live for a long enough period of time. But in nature there are examples of organisms that live a huge number of years. For example, a durable pine (pinus longaeva - lat.) Can live for more than 5 thousand years, and an Antarctic sponge - more than 20 thousand years. But these are plants.However, in nature there are organisms, which in comparison with humans can really be called long-livers. Such, for example, sea Aleutian perch. For one such fish, people have been watching for a couple of hundred years, and it has no signs of aging, and no one will say for sure how long this perch will live.

Therefore, before becoming immortal, a person needs to solve a problem, how to stop aging. And the cause of aging, as scientists have found, is not at all in the wear and tear of certain systems of the body. The problem is that certain factors are responsible for aging, due to which this process is launched. If we succeed in blocking these factors, then the path to life, measured not in dozens, but in hundreds and even thousands of years, will be open. Scientists for quite a long time thought that some gene in human DNA was responsible for aging. If such a gene could be found, then the problem of aging would be solved once and for all - it would only need to be blocked. But in the end, the researchers came to the conclusion that the immortality gene in the human body does not exist and the complex process of very complex factors influences the aging process.More precisely, it is the presence and production of a whole group of substances in the human body. This, for example, IGF-1 - insulin-like growth factor, the amount of which increases with moderate starvation, as well as all sorts of hormones: glucocorticoids, steroids, thyroids, somatotropic hormones.

Recovery of youth

So after all, how to become immortal? The answer is found all in the same DNA. It turned out that the end sections of chromosomes - telomeres - with each new division are shortened and, accordingly, can be divided only a limited number of times. However, in our body there are two types of cells that are capable of endless division - stem and germ cells. The fact is that they contain the enzyme telomerase, which, thanks to a special RNA template present in it, lengthens the telomeres of the cells. It seems that everything is simple: you just need to enter telomerase in the rest of the human cells - and aging is overcome. But scientists have learned that telomerase is also present in cancer cells, and therefore there is a great danger of turning ordinary cells into which telomerase is introduced into cancer cells.

Nevertheless, the experience of British scientists with mice suggests that longevity is not a myth, but an intimate reality.In experimental mice, telomerase was disabled and they began to age: all body functions deteriorated significantly, and mice could not reproduce. Then, scientists restored telomerase in cells to a normal level and a seemingly miraculous thing happened - the mice began to sense again, the ability to reproduce appeared, the weight of the brain increased. Why not do the same with the elderly in the future, restoring telomerase to the level that they had in their youth. Therefore, the key is not to increase, but to restore functions, and, I think, humanity will pick up this problem already in this century.


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