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How to become effective?

November 4, 2014
How to become effective?

Many people dream of being successful and wealthy. If by luck, fate does not give you a chance to win a few million in the lottery, then you should seriously think about how to become effective not only in your activities, but also in life in general.

The rules of an effective person

  1. A clear formulation of tasks and the definition of specific dates for their solution. It is very important to understand exactly what you want to achieve in this life or in some particular period of it. Our brain will work much more efficiently if we specifically formulate tasks, for example: by the end of the year, create conditions for increasing the staff by 25% or attract 15 new customers in 30 days, etc.
  2. Should focus only on one current task. Only in this way can we immerse ourselves in the process and do our utmost. It is better to consistently switch from task to task, then you do not have to spend time and energy on throwing between them.
  3. The more tasks you take on, the more time you have.Knowing that there is a lot of work ahead, the brain begins to work efficiently.
  4. Do not try to keep everything in your head. When we try not to forget important meetings, business, and assignments, a tremendous amount of energy is spent on it. In order not to waste energy in vain, transfer information about all meetings and events from your head to a piece of paper or to a computer.
  5. Build plans. This allows you to think through all the circumstances in advance. It is especially useful to carefully develop plans for company executives. As a result, you can get a clear strategy, adhering to which you can achieve the desired goal.

It should be noted that the above rules are relevant for both the head and the average subordinate.


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