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How to become a referral?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
November 4, 2014
How to become a referral?

The word "referral" is familiar to all who tried to earn extra money on the Internet on affiliate programs. Advantages of the profession are in a free schedule and unlimited earnings opportunities. The referral system is of great importance in the mechanism of the "affiliate" and attract more customers. To figure out how to become a referral, you need to understand the principle of the referral system.

What is referral and referral system

Many people came across a referral job system in real life. For example, such well-known cosmetic companies like Avon or Oriflame work on this principle. That is, a person who has become a customer of a company can not only use the offered product, but also earn money by selling this product to others or simply attracting new customers to the company.

In the same way affiliate programs work on the Internet. By registering in the "affiliate" for someone's referral link, you become the referral of this person and, working in the system, bring him a profit.In turn, you can recruit referrals and receive dividends from their work. If you look in the catalog of professions that are popular on the Internet, you will see the “referral” profession among the first.

How to become a referral on the Internet

To become someone's referral, it is enough to register in the affiliate program by referral link. Many people, not wanting to be someone's referral, cut off part of the referral link and erase the "referer" field. But, becoming a referral, you do not lose anything, because the referrer pays the reward to the referee, not you. Moreover, referrals have several advantages:

  • Since the referrer is interested in your work, he is always ready to answer your questions;
  • for the same reasons, the referrer will help you organize your work correctly and share professional secrets;
  • Many referrers pay their referrals Refback - a certain percentage of their income.

All these bonuses can be lost by starting the work yourself. In addition, the refusal of his referrer is considered bad form. He has done some work, which resulted in your joining the company.And registration by referral link is a kind of gratitude. Please note that your potential referrals may do the same with you. The referral system is designed so that only teamwork brings profit to all participants.


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