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How to become a cool girl?

Cool girl - it is always the attention of classmates, lots of friends, the sympathy of the boys. We will now tell you what to do to become the most popular girl in the classroom and at school.

How to win the status of "cool girl"

To make your peers sympathetic to you as much as possible, follow these tips.

  • Make sure your appearance is as attractive as possible. Make beautiful interesting hairstyles. Wear fashionable clothes and various accessories: jewelry, belts, hairpins and hoops. And you can completely learn how to make jewelry yourself - then they are guaranteed to be original and unique.
  • Cultivate the qualities of a leader. Cool girl necessarily decisive, courageous, with their own opinions on each issue. Never be afraid of how your classmates and friends will rate you - stay independent.
  • Be sociable and relaxed. More boldly communicate with boys, peers and guys a little older. Needless to be shy - you're the best!
  • Thinking about how to become a cool girl, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to self-education. Study well, be active in class, creatively approach homework. This will help, firstly, to gain confidence in their abilities, and secondly, will force classmates to reckon with your opinion, because you will become smart.
  • Be aware of the latest innovations in fashion, music, etc. Peers will certainly appreciate your knowledge and will consider you very modern.
  • If you have something that others do not, brag about it delicately. For example, it could be some interesting toy, a music CD autographed by a famous artist. If one of your relatives has an expensive and stylish car, then ask him to pick you up from school a couple of times. Calculate everything so that peers must see how you get into a luxury car.
  • It is very important to be well-mannered. Never quarrel with anyone, do not be rude to teachers and comrades familiar. Do not hurt or humiliate others. Respect the elders. Be polite and honest. Be able to sincerely regret those who are bad or difficult. Always offer your help to other people if you can be useful to them in some way. Such human qualities always evoke respect and sympathy.
  • Be able to stand up for yourself.Despite the previous point, you still must always be able to protect yourself from the attacks of other guys. Learn to say a categorical "no." Never go away from those who say: “Do it ... or are you weak?” Always answer this, that you are not “weak”, you just do not want to do it, and therefore you will not. Be adamant.
  • Make new acquaintances. Cool girls always have a large number of friends, fans and just friends. Moreover, it is desirable that among them were a boy and girls older than you - it always evokes respect and admiration from peers.
  • Start dating a cool guy. Together you will become a real thunderstorm for the whole school.
  • Smile A sincere smile will help you endear other people.

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