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How to be necessary?

Each of us wants to be someone to fit. It is so nice to know that you live not only for yourself, but also for those who need your presence side by side, your participation. But what if you feel that no one needs or is not interested, maybe you even consider yourself completely worthless? It's time to deal with negative thoughts and learn how to become the right person, and start to achieve this.

Mostly people want to be needed by those around them and who they would like to see next. These are close and relatives, husbands and wives, colleagues. Let's talk about how a woman can become necessary for others.

How to be the right man

To become a necessary man, you need to learn to be for him not just a mistress and mistress of the house, but also a friend, a wise adviser, a loved one who you can rely on. Try to support your man, share his interests and views, advise, if necessary. After all, a mistress can be changed, a man can cope on his own, after all, but a true friend cannot be excluded from his life, which is why it is so important for a woman to master this role.

To always be a necessary man, so that he does not lose his interest in you and would like to be near, learn to be different. Men escape from monotony and boredom, and this happens in a relationship when a woman becomes predictable and therefore uninteresting. Experiment with appearance, show different facets of character, add unpredictability to behavior, and then a man will not lose his interest in you.

Give the man something in a relationship that he expects from his woman. Homebody appreciates comfort and tasty food, inquisitive ones don't mind all the time to learn and learn something new, an athlete will call his girlfriend to workout. Think about what your man is interested in and live with, and keep him company.

How to become necessary for loved ones

Our friends and relatives are people who occupy an important place in our life, and any problems and quarrels with them make us feel unhappy. For example, it begins to seem that you do not need your loved ones. How to fix it?

Take care of your loved ones. Friends are known in trouble, so do not turn away from your friends in difficult moments, help in word and deed and be sure to become necessary for them. The same goes for relatives.

Strive to communicate with loved ones, say nice things to them, smile to your family, call often, and better come to your parents.

Make close things pleasant, and just like that, for no reason. It can be unexpected gifts, small everyday surprises, organization of holidays for relatives and friends (mom's anniversary, friend's birthday, family New Year, etc.). Show kindness and participation in relation to relatives, it will not remain without attention.

How to be needed at work

A separate question in this conversation is how to become necessary for your colleagues, how to gain recognition and respect at work. Often, many good specialists go unnoticed, they do not listen to their opinions, they are not asked for advice. As a result, a person feels unnecessary, comes to work in a dull mood and slowly thinks about changing jobs. But the problem here is in the person himself, and the new place will not solve it unless the person himself tries to change. So, what should be done in order to become necessary at work, to achieve recognition and respect from a professional point of view?

  1. The most important thing is to work in good faith, diligently and a lot.Attentive attitude to work, responsibility, hard work will inevitably make you a professional in your business. Love your job, be eager to become a high-class specialist and start working.
  2. It is also important not to go where not asked. If you have a clear task to do the job in a certain way, then it is most important to do your job efficiently and on time. Nobody will be interested in your ideas and amendments, the authorities just need you to work as said.
  3. On the contrary, in difficult and discussed cases at work you can put forward your ideas and suggestions for improving work if they are really capable of benefiting. Do not be afraid to state them, clearly and concisely express your thoughts, it will be reckoned.
  4. Improve your professional qualities and skills using educational literature, mastering new knowledge on your specialization and so on.
  5. Observe etiquette and discipline at work - so you create an impression of yourself as a business person. Do not be late for work, do not complain about wages and bosses, do not gossip about your colleagues, be friendly and friendly, but are restrained in communication, help your work colleagues when they need your help.

Universal advice for all cases - to be needed by someone, you need to know what a particular person wants to receive from you, and become just that. But it is also important in your desire to become necessary not to turn into an "errand-girl", as others will begin to use your kindness and dependability. You will become necessary, but not in the sense you want. Remember: in all you need to know the measure, do not overdo it in your desire to become necessary!


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