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How to be if you are threatened by a neighbor to burn your house?

Hello. Help me please. 10 years ago I bought a tiny house for scrap on 6 acres of land. He began to build a new house, build a sow day (for 10 years), but never built. This house is the meaning of my life. The house is wooden, last summer sheathed vinyl siding. In the meantime, I live in the old, I patched it up a bit. My site is bordered by three neighbors. And one neighbor, he is inadequate, he has a plot of more than 10 acres all over the weed. And the house he has, or rather the wall of the house is located directly on the border and part of the roof hangs down on my site. Causing inconvenience to me: it creates a shadow, since it is located on the south side, in the spring or in the thaw a large amount of snow comes down on my site, in summer in rain the water from the roof blurs the ground. Once upon a time I “stammered” that let's at least do the snow holders and what I myself will do, give only good. But in response, I heard only insults. He is alluring hating. And then the other day he came up to me and told me to make a new fence and move it a meter from the previous one.Otherwise, he will break the old fence itself and SURVIVE my new home. And if I complain "it will surely set fire to how to drink to drink." I even have a record of the conversation and witnesses. What should I do? Go to the police, I'm afraid. I also have a certificate for the land, I did not violate borders.
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Answered 20 april 2016 13:14
Here we must try to act on the psychology of a neighbor. Do not contact them yourself at all, let them get angry with themselves further. Such people are really capable and not of such meanness. Keep all the evidence, remember the witnesses, if there are other neighbors normal - I advise you to get acquainted and make friendly relations with them (if something goes wrong, then the neighbors will warn you and in general there will be little help). This may be useful to you, it is not necessary to know about the evidence to your neighbor. To this malignant type in general no longer fit and do not offer anything. It is better not to contact him, otherwise you will provoke him into all sorts of thoughts and bad desires - you definitely do not need this. It is best to leave it alone, but keep your eyes open just in case.Just live on your own piece of land, as you like - it is yours, and you have the right to do whatever you want on it. If this neighbor once again turns up to you, try to talk with him clearly and calmly and firmly convey to him the idea that each of you has your own land and your own house to which he has the right and with whom he can do that wants. You do not climb and do not interfere with his life, he does not climb and does not interfere with your life. You have the right to such and such a piece of land, and you have documents for this - it means that you will use all your land, and he has no right to dictate anything to you in this territory. You will not climb to him, he will not climb to you. Offer a peaceful existence for everyone in your territory. If he does not touch you, you will not do anything wrong to him either. No one needs extra problems: neither you nor him. But if he does something wrongful towards you, you will not leave it alone. If you just live quietly together, everything will be fine. Offer a world in which no one touches anyone. That's all. Bring this thought to him and leave him alone. If, in spite of this, he begins to act maliciously, protect his rights, contact the law enforcement agencies.In the future, when you finish building, put a couple of useful pieces like fire detectors and something from the protection system into the house. Good luck to you! If anything - write.
Alexey Smirnov
Alexey Smirnov
Thanks for the answer.
Answered on April 30, 2016 11:32, Butterfly |
Answered on April 8 00:58
No wonder they say, choose not a house, but choose a neighbor. If you have another conversation, then quietly try to record it on the phone. And write a statement to the neighbor about the threats to the district policeman, let him lie with him.

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