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How to assemble a magnet

You will need
  • Paints and primer, brushes, spatula, frames, small magnets, glue, electric drill.
Prepare small frames. Disassemble the frame and remove the glass. Now remove the stand and the backing, leave only the frame itself. Next, grab the frame primer. Using a spatula, apply a small layer of primer to the surface of the frame. First distribute evenly one layer, and then another. Wait until the primer dries.
Apply paint to the surface of the frame, it is best to apply paint in 2-3 layers. So it will go to bed more evenly. And allow time for each layer to dry. As soon as you paint all the frames, leave them overnight to dry completely.
Then drill with a drill 2 holes in each frame (top and bottom) in the attachment pointsmagnetov Glue with gluemagnets to the frame so that the glue filled the hole, it is best to use a special hot melt adhesive.
After the glue dries, you can insert into the frame of the photo or the themes you chose and cover with the backing of the substrate.

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