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How to assemble a chair?

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How to assemble a chair?

Sometimes there are situations when, after buying an office chair, even with factory instructions in hand, it is not possible to assemble it. And the thing is that often the instructions are written in incomprehensible languages ​​or contain a minimum of useful information for the consumer. So, how to assemble a chair and chair?

Seat assembly

When assembling the chair you need to perform a few simple steps. Let's figure out how to assemble a computer chair.

First step

  1. We take out spare parts from the box and very carefully remove plastic packaging from them.
  2. Next, lay out all the parts so that each of them was within reach.

Second step

  1. We find the 4 screws that were attached to the chair, and with their help fasten the seat stand made of aluminum to the leg of the chair, which is usually called the main one.Chair
  2. Given that these screws are not self-locking, we check without fail how tightly they are screwed.

Third step

  1. After this comes the turn to the armrests of the chair. We take them and insert them in the bottom of the Seats.
  2. Then we fix them using the two shortest screws and plastic fasteners that were in the kit.

Fourth step

  1. After that, take the wheels and attach them to the cross of the legs of the chair.
  2. Remember that this action requires a special effort, without the use of which the washers will jump out of their nests, and the process will have to be repeatedChairagain.
  3. We are waiting for a click signaling the successful completion of the process.

Fifth step

  1. After that, insert the axis of the headrest in the back.
  2. Next, be sure to check the ease of its movement.

Sixth step

  1. We fix the back, which is already assembled on the base of the chair.
  2. After that we press several times both on the seat and on the back, checking their level of strength.

Seventh Step

  1. We rotate the part of the chair that is at the top until it rests steadily on its place.
  2. After that, check the trim of the chair for the absence of damage during assembly.

Some tips

  1. First of all, before starting the assembly, we prepare the free space necessary for comfortable work.Chair
  2. We fold all the parts of the chair in turn.
  3. While working carefully observe the safety regulations.

We collect the chair

  1. We take out all the details from the package - back, seat with frame, armrest and screws.
  2. Screw the back to the seat or to the frame with the screws that come with it.
  3. After that, fasten the armrests to the frame.
  4. Check how tightly the screws are tightened.

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