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How to ask him about feelings

To clarify his feelings all the ways are good. If a young man is your destiny, your initiative in relationships will not frighten him. But you can learn about itfeelings and by observing his reaction to your questions. For example, tell him a couple of stories about your girlfriends, who were very much waiting for an explanation of love from their young people. If nothing like this happened in your near environment, then you should invent these stories. The main thing is to tell your boyfriend these stories with inspiration, with emotions, with feeling. According to his comments, you will understand what your friend thinks about this. If he, just like you, was happy about the happy story, praising the hero of the story for the original declaration of love, then you need to ask if he has met such a girl in life. In this case, there may be two answers. The first is “met”, then you should learn more about her, because it is quite possible that this is you, his beautiful half, but for now he is embarrassed to talk about it.And if the answer is “not met,” it means that he is considering you as a friend.
If you do not see activity in the development of relations from him, but, at the same time, he invites you to a cinema or cafe, then you should take the following steps to clarify his feelings. Encourage your friend to take care of you a little, and your friend would notice. Let him give you flowers, accompany him to the house, and when your friend calls, tell him that you have already arranged to meet with another young man. In the case when you are not indifferent to your chosen one, he will have to take active steps to remove the opponent from his path, and as a result he will confess to you hisfeelingsfirst. If he disappears from your environment, then he is not a hero of your romance.
When you do not find a place for yourself and you already want to find out his true intentions on your account, then call him and invite him to a meeting in a quiet place. You should talk so that no one interferes. Take a walk in the park and start talking about your firstfeelingsto him. For shy ladies, a good way to open up is to tell a story how you dreamed of a prince as a child, over the years his image has firmly settled in your head, and now it seems to you that this prince is walking along the park with you.

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