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How to apologize?

People quarrel among themselves quite often, but not everyone has the ability to ask for forgiveness. In our article we will try to tell you how to apologize to your loved ones - to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to friends or relatives, and also give practical advice to those who decide to apologize, but something still stops him.

Ways to apologize to different people

Since we, as a rule, quarrel with different people, depending on this, the ways of apologies will differ slightly. So what is the best way to apologize to a girl (boyfriend), parents or friends?

  • Apologies to parents. Usually, in this case, requests for forgiveness can vary from the degree of awareness of guilt by the son or daughter. If you have made a minor mistake, then it is enough to sit in front of your parent opposite and ask for forgiveness. If the offense of your parent has been accumulated over the years and accumulates to this day, then the oral form of an apology here is more likely to be inappropriate, since your parent knows in advance everything that you say to him. It is better in this case to write a letter to the parent (especially if you do not live together), or try to talk on the phone.If the degree of parental resentment is very large, then you need to be patient and try several ways to apologize.
  • Apologies to friends. You should make an apology to your friends face to face, because only in this way you will understand whether a friend has forgiven you or has held a grudge against you. Never ask friends for forgiveness via e-mail or SMS, because your friendship is what happens between you when you meet, and therefore requests for forgiveness must be real, not virtual.
  • Apologies to the girl (boyfriend). In this case, you will need excellent patience and creative thinking, since our second half, as a rule, takes the longest offense and loves to be shown their love in unusual ways. How beautiful to apologize to the girl (boyfriend)? There are many different ways, and the main ones are described in the articles that are located on our website:

Tips for those who decide to apologize

So, you decided to apologize, chose a way, but still in doubt. Our following tips are perfect for those who don’t know how to properly apologize:

  • First of all you need to realize, and for what you actually need to apologize and whether it is worth it at all.Many people apologize, not feeling any guilt behind them, so their apologies, as a rule, sound very unconvincing. There is a category of people who, on the contrary, should not apologize, since they are not guilty of anything, and they are the ones who ask for forgiveness. Simply put, really and objectively look at the situation from the outside and make the right decision.
  • If, after all, the blame lies with you, then by apologizing, never start making excuses, because it looks like you don’t apologize, but quarrel with the person again. You do not need to behave arrogantly, as if you are stepping over your pride, you should not be too sulk and shy, and also beg for forgiveness. Try to take full responsibility for the mistakes you made and admit your guilt without thinking about the circumstances.
  • After you have digested the previous positions in yourself, try to choose the right time and place where you will apologize. Many people who think about how to apologize completely forget about it, but this item plays an important role. Sometimes you need to ask for forgiveness right away, sometimes it’s better to go out and be alone to give each other time to cool down.Naturally, the sooner you ask for forgiveness, the better, since delaying the very moment of forgiveness will rather further exacerbate the situation. The place and form of the apology will depend on who you apologize to, as described above.
  • If you ask for forgiveness, build phrases correctly, as the reaction of the person to whom you apologize often depends on them. Never use the words “if” and “but” in your speech, which will only emphasize that you absolutely do not regret your deed and seek to shift your guilt to another. Talk about what you feel, not what it would be if the person didn’t do or say something.
  • Try to make amends by giving a promise to not perform such acts in the future, fully aware of the reasons for your behavior. If the fault that lies on you is huge, first write an apology letter, then apologize in person, and in the end you can send a gift or flowers. Do not expect that you will be immediately forgiven, but if you apologize to a person more than once, and he is still angry with you, then this is the problem of this person, not yours.

If you follow all these tips, then you can move your relationship off the ground, relieve your embarrassment when communicating, and ultimately restore the trust you have lost.


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